The 23 Best Restaurants in San Antonio Right Now! (2024)

There's no doubt about it: San Antonio is a culinary destination. And whether you're visiting SA for a long weekend or you're a local who's looking for some great food to try, your search for the most delicious and exciting food stops right here: this is your guide to the best restaurants in San Antonio.

Bar Loretta

San Antonio's rich culture has influenced the food scene. The Mexican and Spanish heritage is apparent in the family-run taco stands and big exciting Mexican restaurants.

The Southwestern culture in Texas means that San Antonio is full of delicious southern food, meat-forward eateries, and remarkable San Antonio BBQ joints.

And since San Antonio bridges the gap between south Texas and the Texas Hill Country, you'll find lots of rustic-chic upscale New American restaurants scattered around SA. Of course, we can't forget about the San Antonio Riverwalk and the exciting eateries that offer a view of the water.

Carnitas Lonja

How this guide is written:

It's no small feat to compile a "best of" list in regards to San Antonio's massive culinary scene. So we set some guidelines:

This guide is created for all-day eating. Our goal is to provide some lovely lunch spots, a few fast-casual eateries, and of course a variety of nice dinner restaurants. There are plenty of additional high-end restaurants in San Antonio that could be on this list. Those will be on our guide to Date Night Restaurants in San Antonio (coming soon!)

Variety in food matters. Don't get me wrong: I love New American cuisine! But San Antonio is bursting in diversity, and a "best of" restaurant list should reflect that.

Food/service/ambiance. As always, the trifecta is important. If a beautiful restaurant has creative food but always offers poor service? That's a no. A wonderful menu is best accompanied by a wonderful ambiance, and this list reflects that.

After all, you're spending your money on the entire experience of eating out. It's about so much more than just the food! (But the food is pretty important...)

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23 Best Restaurants in San Antonio

1. Cured

New American/Meat-forward

Good for: brunch, date night, family meal

Cured 1

Incredibly unique and memorable, Cured is a charcutterie-forward restaurant (as its name suggests...) located at the historic Pearl district.

James Beard Award finalist Steve McHugh puts cured ingredients front and center on his New American menu. From pâté to chicken liver mouse, cheese plates and pickled veggies, and plenty of salami, duck ham, and smoked habanero oysters, expect a rich, salty, absolutely decadent meal at Cured.

The building itself is a treat: it was built in 1904 and features a rustic ambiance with exposed brick walls, wooden floorboards, and a large glass display case showing off the wide selection of house cured meats. Even if you simply stop in for a whiskey and a charcuterie board at the long cocktail bar, you'll appreciate the aesthetics at Cured.

But if you can make reservations for lunch, dinner, or Sunday supper, the menu is full of exciting tastes and textures. Note that it's a very meat-heavy restaurant and not the type of place to bring a vegetarian friend. But Cured is definitely one of the top restaurants in San Antonio.

While it’s not new and trendy (check out the best NEW restaurants in San Antonio for that!) Cured is going for something with a lot more depth: preservation, sustainability, and a nose-to-tail/root-to-tip approach to menu creation. Even the restaurant building itself is has been meticulously preserved.

Cured San Antonio-20

The name “Cured” describes the general concept of the restaurant: cured meats. So if you’re going to try just one thing from the menu, make sure it’s the charcuterie plate, which is served with an arrangement of hand-crafted cured foods like jalapeño pork rillettes and 75-day sobrasada, pickled local vegetables, and house-made preserves. 

Steve McHugh uses organic Texas ingredients paired with his New Orleans and Midwest background to serve creative takes on southern cuisine. The result? Menu items like a B.O.T. made with delicately masa-fried oysters, a slow-cooked pork belly with crawfish bisque, or the famous heritage hog poutine with Wisconsin cheddar curds and pickled cauliflower (add a fried egg!).

If you're dining for brunch, the stone-ground grits are insane. They're served with the Stead & Eggs, but you could honestly just get a side of grits on their own. Totally decadent.

Cured San Antonio-03

The cocktails at Cured are another example of the kitchen’s sustainable food practices. Take the summer daiquiri, for example. The watermelon is juiced to provide the sweetness in the cocktail, which is pretty standard. But then they take the white, bitter melon rind, which is typically thrown away, and it’s pickled, diced, and speared on a toothpick as a tasty cocktail garnish. 

From the intention behind the restaurant name to the beautifully preserved historic building, the attention from the servers and the quality of ingredients in the food, every aspect of Cured is delightful. This San Antonio restaurant is one that will make you fall in love with the art of dining all over again. Cured is easily one of the very best restaurants in San Antonio.

WEBSITE | 306 Pearl Pkwy #101, San Antonio, TX 78215

2. Maverick Texas Brasserie

French American

Good for: date night, dinner party

Maverick San Antonio

Maverick is a French American restaurant that’s perfect for a cozy and sophisticated date night. It has a chic/industrial feel with black steel beams, Edison bulbs, exposed brick, and a long and sexy copper cocktail bar. 

There are several dining rooms here, and each has a different feel. It’s a very fun spot for a large dinner group party (think: birthday gathering or rehearsal dinner.) 


Maverick is casual enough for a Thursday night burger date night with your boo, or upscale enough for a rehearsal dinner celebration. They offer an impressive wine list from France and California and a nice selection of specialty cocktails.

best restaurants in San Antonio

The Texas brasserie/French menu features classics like an exceptional Steak Frite (upgrade to truffle fries!), Croque madame, and a lovely rotisserie half duck.

And if you’re overwhelmed and not sure what to order, try the daily Plats Du Jour. For $34 you get a salad, a daily rotating entree selection, and a dessert. This is not only one of the best restaurants in San Antonio, but it's also one of the most approachable in terms of price for quality. 

WEBSITE | 710 S St Mary's St, San Antonio, TX 78205

3. Curry Boys


Good for: a weekday lunch

Curry Boys BBQ in San Antonio

Easily one of the best restaurants in San Antonio, Curry Boys might also be your new favorite spot to stop by for a quick solo lunch SA. This bright pink building only recently became the new home to Curry Boys and gives them ample space to work their magic.

Curry Boys serves the most amazing (and genius!) fusion food around: delicious smoked barbecue paired with southeast Asian curry. DELISH. And delish enough that they were just named James Beard Award semi-finalists for 2023.

Curry Boys

The smoked barbecue is smoked by the folks at South BBQ, and the Asian influences come from Pinch Boil House, a casual spot known for cajun seafood boils and southeast Asian street food. 

Curry Boys

The Brisket Smoke Show bowl is definitely the place to start if it’s your first time visiting: delicious smoked brisket paired with green curry, with a hefty scoop of rice with some soft potatoes and carrots mixed in. The cold chili garlic noodles are not to be missed. They’re topped with a spicy chili crunch and fried shallots, and they’re the perfect cold combo to a hot bowl of brisket and curry. 

WEBSITE | 536 E. Courtland Place, San Antonio, TX 78212

4. Bar Loretta

New American

Good for: date night or craft cocktails at the bar

Bar Loretta

“Hungry, thirsty, or both?”

These are the first words I heard when I grabbed a bar stool at the popular Bar Loretta on a busy night. The correct answer is “both”, of course, because this is the type of place that can’t quite decide if it’s a bar or a restaurant. So you must be ready to experience both sides of it.

scallops at Bar Loretta

In fact, this neighborhood bar feels a bit like a local watering hole…if that watering hole also served gourmet lobster risotto laced with salty parmesan, or light and crispy brick chicken with a fried local farm egg and sage red wine demi.

The food menu is remarkable, which is why there are certain menu staples that have become local favorites (the Loretta Burger, the brick chicken, the butter scallops, to name a few) that won’t be leaving the menu soon. The food alone could probably convince us to add this place to our list of the best restaurants in San Antonio. 

cocktail at Bar Loretta

But, like I said, this place is a restaurant and a bar, and the robust cocktail menu can easily stand on its own. Every drink on the cocktail list is followed by an italicized note describing the preparation method and serving vessel. “Shaken with arugula & garnished with something green, or the helpful anecdote “Think of it as a Mexican white negroni. Bitter & sweet, just like life.) Sure, some of the descriptions are a bit cheeky and amusing, but they’re also highly informative for the average cocktail drinker.

Bar Loretta could easily play the part of Upscale Date Night Restaurant. Be sure to make your dinner reservations in advance and plan on ordering a few cocktails, starters, and entrees in order to experience the full menu. 

But when she’s not the leading lady, Bar Loretta is just as comfortable in a supporting role. You know those nights when you just need a welcoming bar stool, a hearty meal, and a stiff drink? She’ll be there for you.

WEBSITE | 320 Beauregard St, San Antonio, TX 78210

5. 2M Smokehouse


Good for: a huge lunch feast

2M Smokehouse

It’s hard to talk about the best restaurants in this famous Texas city without mentioning a barbecue restaurant. While San Antonio is known for several nationally-renowned barbecue pits, 2M Smokehouse steals the show. 

They’ve been featured on Texas Monthly’s “Top 50 Texas BBQ Joints” multiple times, and the long line of hungry weekend diners proves that it’s a favorite for foodies near and far. 

2M Smokehouse

The peppery brisket is smoked to the perfect melt-in-your-mouth consistency. Be sure to grab some of it before it sells out, but also load up your plate with 2M’s delectable pork ribs and housemade sausage. (The pork link with serrano peppers and Oaxaca cheese is really fun.)

All of the salty meat pairs perfectly with the special “pickled” section of the menu: the tangy and tart pickled bell peppers, nopales (cactus), and serranos are served in small 4 or 8 oz that fit perfectly on your bbq tray. 

2M Smokehouse

The amazing sides add yet one more reason to check out 2M Smokehouse. Maria’s Ranchero-Style Beans are anything but boring - they have a perfect salty, umami flavor and could truly stand up as their own main dish. Be sure to order a large side of the Mexican street corn and the bright bubble gum-sweet coleslaw. The rotating desserts are made in-house. If you’re having trouble choosing between two different options, the answer is yes.

If you’re looking for truly great San Antonio restaurants, 2M smokehouse is a must-try.

WEBSITE | 2731 S Ww White Rd, San Antonio, TX 78222

6. NONNA Osteria


Good for: date night


There are several fantastic Italian restaurants in San Antonio, but Nonna truly shines in regards to beautiful ambiance, upscale service, and the most elevated hand-crafted northern Italian cuisine in town. 


Let’s start with the location: it’s on the ground floor level of the Fairmont hotel, directly across the street from Hemisfair park. (Go ahead and make reservations at the Fairmont Hotel’s rooftop oyster bar for pre-dinner drinks. The views are unbeatable!) It’s a small, bright restaurant with white tabletops and shiny wood floors, and it feels classic and comfortable. 

“Nonna” means “grandmother” in Italian, and Chef Luca Della Casa drew inspiration for many of his menu items from his grandmother’s kitchen.


The menu at Nonna is packed with classic antipasti, Italian pizzas, and handmade pasta. The Tartufo (market price) is the show stopper: your server will perform a table side show of mixing homemade pasta in a cheese rind, adding in lump crab, and then sprinkling black truffle shavings on top. Life altering.

WEBSITE 401 S Alamo St, San Antonio, TX 78205

7. Brasserie Mon Chou Chou

French Comfort Food

Good for: upscale breakfast, lunch, dinner

Mon Chou Chou

One of the first photos you'll see on the website is the Raclette, that ooey-gooey cheese that's melted and scraped off a half-wheel of cheese. Totally photo-worthy. We're clearly off to a good start.

Brasserie Mon Chou Chou Interior

But Mon Chou Chou is more than just decadent French entrees. Yes, you should try the chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich with Parisian ham and housemade aioli, or the slow braised lamb shank in red wine reduction.

And yes, you should probably do as the Parisians do and order a full bottle of wine in place of water.

Where To Eat at the Pearl Brewery Historic District

But!! If you're not here for a full meal, Mon Chou Chou is a lovely spot to get an afternoon snack (perhaps a baguette sandwich or some classic escargot?), pair it with a lovely glass of vin blanc, and enjoy watching the shoppers wander around the Pearl district. The outdoor bistro tables are a wonderful spot to rest your feet, enjoy a drink, and take in the ambiance.

Mon Chou Chou also offers a weekday breakfast and a Sunday brunch.

WEBSITE | 312 Pearl Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78215

8. Jerk Shack

Caribbean, fast-casual

Good for: lunch

Jerk Shack

If you love Caribbean food like spicy marinated jerk chicken, caramelized plantains, brown sugar yams, and rice with peas, you’re going to fall in love with Jerk Shack. And if you’re not sure if you love Caribbean food, just try one bite of those famous masala fries and you’ll know the answer.. 

From Jamaica-native Nicola Blaque, Jerk Shack is where you go for the best jerk chicken of your life. Seriously. Chef Blaque opened the original Jerk Shack to look like a traditional Caribbean shack where jerk chicken is prepared, and she uses her own special (and ridiculously complicated) combination of spices to create that sweet and fiery jerk seasoning. The original location is now closed (Jerk Shack quickly outgrew it and needed better air conditioning for those Texas summers!), but the new location, which is a restaurant near SeaWorld San Antonio, has a large dining space which can better cater to hungry customers. 

It’s open for lunch and dinner hours. And while you can order the food to go, keep in mind that some of it is fried, and fried food tends to steam and soften if you leave it in a to-go container for a few minutes. So the best way to enjoy Jerk Shack is to show up SUPER hungry, order a combo plate of a few items, and eat to your heart’s content. 

If you love Caribbean food like spicy marinated jerk chicken, caramelized plantains, brown sugar yams, and rice with peas, you’re going to fall in love with Jerk Shack. And if you’re not sure if you love Caribbean food, just try one bite of those famous masala fries and you’ll know the answer...

Jerk Shack

From Jamaica-native Nicola Blaque, Jerk Shack is where you go for the best jerk chicken of your life. Seriously. Chef Blaque opened the original Jerk Shack to look like a traditional Caribbean shack where jerk chicken is prepared, and she uses her own special (and ridiculously complicated) combination of spices to create that sweet and fiery jerk seasoning. The original location is now closed (Jerk Shack quickly outgrew it and needed better air conditioning for those Texas summers!), but the new location, which is a restaurant near SeaWorld San Antonio, has a large dining space which can better cater to hungry customers. 

Jerk Shack

It’s open for lunch and dinner hours. And while you can order the food to go, keep in mind that some of it is fried, and fried food tends to steam and soften if you leave it in a to-go container for a few minutes. So the best way to enjoy Jerk Shack is to show up SUPER hungry, order a combo plate of a few items, and eat to your heart’s content. 

WEBSITE | 10234 TX-151, San Antonio, TX 78251

9. Dough Pizzeria Napoletana

Neapolitan pizza

Good for: kid-friendly dinner, casual meal


Everyone wants to know where the best pizza in San Antonio is, and there’s a quick and easy answer: Dough. Full stop. Although there are two locations, you’ll want to visit the cute little restaurant at Hemisfair Park. It’s steps away from the splash pad and playground, so if you’re in San Antonio with little ones, they’ll be happy here. (The Blanco Rd location has the exact same delicious pies, but the ambiance is a shopping center with a cement patio, and it’s less charming.)


These are legitimate Neapolitan-style pizza: small round pies flash cooked in a brick oven to create a charred outer edge and soft middle. They meet the requirements to be considered authentic Neapolitan pizza by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (VPN), by using the proper ingredients, including specific types of mozzarella cheese, flour, and toppings.

Try the house-made burrata, farm-to-table salads, and delectable plates of pasta…but mostly save room for their lovely 12” round pizzas. Food Network has featured many of them (you'll see the little logo on the side of the menu), but the toppings are truly all phenomenal. Listen to your heart and choose the one (or three…) that sounds right for you. 

WEBSITE | 6989 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216

10. Bliss

New American

Good for: date night

Best restaurants in San Antonio

This chef-owned and operated New American restaurant is a staple in the San Antonio dining scene. The beautiful restaurant is actually a renovated filling station! It feels comfortable and quaint.

Best restaurants in San Antonio

Bliss focuses on seasonal cuisine, so the menu is constantly rotating. As a diner, you'll always get to try the newest, freshest food available. The environment is relaxed yet elegant. It all lends itself perfectly to a cozy date night or a special meal with loved ones.

Best restaurants in San Antonio

WEBSITE | 926 S Presa St, San Antonio, TX 78210

11. Clementine

New American

Good for: Upscale Dinner Date

Clementine San Antonio

Clementine is an absolute masterclass in haute cuisine. Though you would never suspect it were you to just drive by this somewhat unassuming Castle Hills neighborhood eatery. But chefs and owners John and Elise Russ have created something special, aptly earning them finalist recognition from the James Beard Award Foundation for 2023. And while they ultimately didn’t bring home the win, just having this restaurant in San Antonio makes the city a major winner.

Clementine San Antonio

Clementine is a smallish restaurant with a modest indoor dining room and outdoor patio area.  The indoor dining room is largely decorated in soft blues with fruit posters of clementines and lovely wine racks adorning the walls.  

Service at Clementine is what you might expect from any upscale eatery – prompt, friendly, knowledgeable, and accessible. But more than that, servers were excited about what Clementine is doing and pleased to be a part of it. Enjoyment of a thing is always made that much better when the enjoyment can be shared and Clementine’s waitstaff seemed determined to share it. 

Clementine San Antonio

Menu choices at Clementine include petites (hors d'oeuvre), sideboards (can be main course sides or appetizers), platters (entrees), and “the best parts” (clearly desserts). We suggest ordering a variety of dishes from each of the menu sections to get a full picture of what Clementine does best – absolutely delicious and inventive food. For the more adventurous eaters out there, give the “Feed Me” option a go and the chef will design a personalized multi-course meal on the fly to suit both the individual’s preferences and what is in season.  

 For more information on Clementine, see our full review here.

WEBSITE | 2195 NW Military Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78213

12. Southerleigh Fine Food and Brewery

Brewery and Texas Cuisine

Good for: Fun, Casual Meal

Where To Eat at the Pearl Brewery Historic District

Southern restaurants are everywhere in Texas, so what sets Southerleigh Fine Food and Brewery apart as one of the best San Antonio restaurants? The trifecta of ambiance, service, and food – all at the top of their game at Southerleigh.

Southerleigh is located adjacent to the Hotel Emma (you can even access the lobby directly from the restaurant) in the same building that used to house the Pearl Brewhouse, Texas’s oldest brewery. After more than 100 years, the historic brewery closed, but the building was renovated and reopened as Southerleigh, an upscale southern restaurant, and brewery.

Southerleigh’s seasonally shifting menu consists of southern cuisine fused with the coastal influences of Chef Jeff Balfour’s upbringing in Galveston and include items like the cracker-crusted redfish with a lemon butter sauce, sweet and tangy deviled eggs with bacon jam, and a Galveston-style shrimp boil. An utterly amazing, though surprising, menu standout (we’re talking MAJOR standout here) is Southerleigh’s pork schnitzel and spaetzle drizzled with a buttery beurre blanc sauce - your heart may stop mid-meal while eating this, but at least you will die happy.

This restaurant is a fully-operating brewery, so you’ll want to pair a pint with your dinner. All of Southerleigh’s beer is brewed in-house so ask your server about what’s on tap, and keep in mind that you can always try a flight if you want to sample multiple beers.

For dessert? That’s easy: the three layer carrot cake with cream cheese icing and thyme caramel.

WEBSITE | 136 E Grayson St Suite 120, San Antonio, TX 78215

13. Reese Bros BBQ

Texas BBQ

Good for: Lunch

Reese Bros Barbecue

Reese Bros is a relative newcomer to the SA barbecue scene, but newcomer or not, has marked out its BBQ territory, quickly becoming one of the best BBQ spots in the city and one of the best restaurants in San Antonio.  

Reese Bros BBQ

The actual Reese Bros, Nick and Elliott Reese, made fast work of moving to the top of the BBQ list here with a successful run of pop-up events that resulted in sell-out situations and enthusiastic crowds of BBQ lovers. They moved into their brick and mortar in 2022 and continue to sell-out nearly every day they are open.

Reese Bros BBQ

Reese Bros success all comes down to their food - it is beyond exceptional. Their oak-smoked brisket is definitely the leading lady and so amazingly tender it will completely melt in your mouth. But their sausages are also something to write home about - queso fundido for the win! 

And whatever you do, don’t miss their equally fantastic sides including poblano mac and cheese, okra and pinto beans, and homemade tortillas. So, so yummy. You could make a meal just out of the sides, but don’t. Because you NEED Reese Bros meat.

WEBSITE | 906 Hoefgen Ave, San Antonio, TX 78210

14. Garcia's Mexican Food

Tex Mex

Good for: Quick breakfast takeout or casual lunch

Garcias Mexican Food

San Antonio is home to what feels like countless Tex-Mex restaurants, and many of them first-rate. But when it comes to Tex-Mex, Garcia’s Mexican Food is just a cut above. It’s not fancy (not that you want fancy when you have Tex-Mex), it’s just straightforward, consistently delicious food.

Which is why Garcia’s has been in operation for more than 60 years. Today, the original owner’s children run the place and have successfully maintained the quality and excellence that Garcia’s has long been known for.

Garcias Mexican Food

If you’re coming to Garcia’s, you can expect lots of traditional Tex-Mex like tacos, enchiladas, and chalupas – all of it tasty and satisfying.

But what you may not expect is Garcia’s sensational brisket that they serve by the pound, in sandwiches, or on San Antonio’s best breakfast tacos. We contend that just about anything, Tex-Mex included, is better with brisket. But don’t take our word for it, just visit Garcia’s and find out for yourself.

WEBSITE | 842 Fredericksburg Rd, San Antonio, TX 78201

15. Outlaw Kitchens


Good for: Upscale Dinner Date

Outlaw Kitchen

Outlaw Kitchens is a family-owned and operated eatery, located in a cute stone bungalow in Beacon Hill. The restaurant is only open Thursday through Saturday for dinner and offers a weekly rotating menu with one appetizer, two entrees (one vegetarian), and two desserts (one gluten free). And nothing more. 

While this may sound a bit dull, it is anything but. OK has found its stride in elevating quality above everything else making it not only one of San Antonio’s best restaurants, but one of the most unique ones as well.

Outlaw Kitchen

Outlaw Kitchen’s quality is seen in OK’s service. Servers at OK are attentive and engaging without being intrusive and obnoxious. The whole place truly does have that “family-owned” vibe, while maintaining the ambiance of an upscale neighborhood bistro. 

Quality is also demonstrated in Outlaw Kitchen’s food as they deliver big time in creating excellent dishes that are absolutely stunning in both flavor and presentation.

While I can’t make a recommendation for what to order given that the menu changes weekly, I can guarantee that whatever they are preparing for the weekend will be done with excellence. Quality ingredients, well-rounded dishes and flavors, and professional chefs who know how to cook. The outcome – culinary quality!

Outlaw Kitchen

Given Outlaw Kitchen’s unique operating approach, here are a few tips to help you make the most of your experience. First, check the menu ahead of time. Each Tuesday, Outlaw Kitchens updates their website with the menu for the upcoming weekend. If you are not enticed by what they plan to serve, just wait a week and check again. It won’t take long before you see something that you can’t live without. 

Second, get reservations. You are unlikely to get in without them. And third, as there is no dedicated parking, plan to park along Flores Street and not in front of any individual residences that are nearby.

WEBSITE | 2919 N Flores St, San Antonio, TX 78212

16. Allora

Coastal Italian

Good for: Dinner With Friends

New Restaurants in San Antonio

Open since March 2022, Allora has been dazzling guests with its simple yet chic approach to coastal Italian food. Executive chef/owner/operator, Robbie Nowlin, has successfully delivered a restaurant unlike any other in San Antonio, which is heavy on Texas-style and New American offerings, but scant on upscale international cuisine.

Allora: Where Coastal Italian Cuisine Dazzles in San Antonio

Replete with a variety of exquisite menu offerings as well as fantastic and knowledgeable service, Allora is the total package when it comes to dining experiences in the Alamo City.

Allora: Where Coastal Italian Cuisine Dazzles in San Antonio

From the antipasti, to the sashimi grade crudi, to the main course offerings, Allora’s menus absolutely brim with depth. Guests to Allora can enjoy lunch, brunch, or dinner, depending on when they choose to come, and each menu offers something a little different. A few menu standouts include the popular Grilled Octopus, Prosciutto di Parma, and Tagliatelle alla Bolognese Bianco.

Allora: Where Coastal Italian Cuisine Dazzles in San Antonio

Protip: If you’re not looking to spend a ton of money but still want to experience Allora, head over during their lunch hours and order a panini. Prices range from $15-17, and you’ll be able to enjoy the entire experience for a fraction of the cost of their dinner menu.

WEBSITE | 2195 NW Military Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78213

17. Cullum's Attaboy


Good for: breakfast or brunch

Best Brunch Spots in San Antonio

Longtime SA resident and chef, Chris Cullum, has designed a restaurant that is both nostalgic and innovative.

Bearing the same name of its popular food trailer, Cullum’s Attaboy is a brunch restaurant that pays homage to some great meals from San Antonio restaurants that have long since closed.

Cullums Attaboy

Food at Cullum’s is very eclectic with influences from jazzy New Orleans, upscale coastal, and traditional diner vibes all rolled into one. If you’re feeling fancy, you can get caviar on just about anything and Cullum’s cocktail list is wonderfully champagne-heavy and therefore the perfect complement to your caviar.

Cullums Attaboy

If you prefer a more pedestrian meal, start with the 1915 Spudnut Donut, and then move on to the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich or one of the Attaboy Burgers. Finally, top it all off with a Floating Island – Cullum’s take on the French dessert “ile flottante” - a decadent dessert of meringue, shaved almond, and ice cream sauce.

*Bonus: For a little more variety, head next door to Cullum’s older sister restaurant, Cullum’s Attagirl for some wings, sandwiches, and 12 craft beers on tap.

WEBSITE | 111 Kings Ct, San Antonio, TX 78212

18. The Magpie

Fusion/New American

Good for: Upscale Dinner Date

Magpie San Antonio

The Magpie is a tiny little restaurant (seriously, just 12 tables, though that’s up from the original 4 that the restaurant started with) housed in a strip mall on San Antonio’s near-East side, an area of town not typically known for its restaurants. But if eateries of this caliber can make a home here, big things are coming, even if they are in small packages like The Magpie is.

best restaurants San Antonio-22

The Magpie is owned by Korean-born chef, Sue Kim, and touches of Korean flavors can be seen throughout The Magpie’s menu. Though to call it a Korean-fusion restaurant, isn’t quite accurate.

In fact, to label it as anything specific doesn’t quite fit the flavor of the joint. The restaurant is a kind of a free-spirited bistro with influences from all over the world. So perhaps the only label that really fits here is “good.” Really good.

Magpie San Antonio

The Magpie’s menu is largely comprised of shareable dishes, though a few of the heavier dishes could be an entrée for one person. But given the creativity and sheer imagination that has gone into creating many of the dishes here, it’s best to order a variety of things and experience what The Magpie does best, and that’s ingenuity. 

The night we visited, we tried The Magpie’s signature milk bread, the limited-time only seared shrimp and pappardelle noodles, the ribeye, and the chocolate mousse. All of it, absolutely, mouthwateringly, delicious.

But I kept seeing other peoples’ dishes – the garden salad, the mushroom skewer, the dak galbi, the snapper – and I wanted ALL OF IT. It was frankly an exercise in restraint to not ask for everything I laid eyes on, and a great excuse to go back to try things. And soon.

There are really only two major drawbacks to The Magpie. The first is the parking situation. There is a dedicated lot for the whole strip mall, but it is quite small and fills quickly. So, surface streets, or other paid surface lots may be the only options, and given the area of town, those may not be a person’s first choice, so plan ahead for what you are comfortable with.

The second drawback is the reservation system. The Magpie requires a deposit of $10/person to make a reservation for their restaurant. They do refund this money after you make your reservation, but should you need to cancel ahead of time, your money is non-refundable. If you are in a stage of life that requires lots of flexibility, this may mean that The Magpie is not the best option for you right now.

WEBSITE | 1602 E Houston St Suite 106, San Antonio, TX 78202

19. Pharm Table

Plant-based food

Good for: lunch or dinner

Pharm Table San Antonio

Pharm Table exists for one simple purpose – to help people achieve bodily balance through food, so that they experience greater energy, strength, and vitality.

Chef Elizabeth Johnson is a subscriber to the ancient Indian medical system known as Ayurveda and she believes that what we put into our bodies impacts just about everything we do. So, she has created a restaurant that is not only all about how the food tastes, but what it can do for us once we eat it. 

Pharm Table San Antonio

Pharm Table, one the most unique dining experiences in San Antonio, is an *almost* vegetarian/vegan restaurant located in San Antonio’s Southtown. Much of Pharm Table’s menu consists of locally sourced ingredients like vegetables and beans, as well as a few lean protein options for those who just can’t when it comes to vegetarian cuisine.

Processed sugars, dairy, and wheat products aren’t to be found anywhere at Pharm Table, but trust us, it won’t matter. Because what Pharm Table can do with food, means that healthy and fresh isn’t just good for you, it tastes amazing as well.

In addition to being delicious and really good for you, food at Pharm Table is simply beautiful. Thanks to all the fresh produce, vibrant colors are a part of every dish making the cuisine at Pharm Table both food for the eyes and the body. 

A few vivid dishes that we recommend include the za’atar crusted fish tacos, the oyster mushroom masala, and the gorgeous berry pancakes with a blueberry and blackberry compote that is a deep shade of purple and absolutely heavenly.

Pharm Table is part of a complex that houses a number of great eateries including Mixtli, Cinnaholic, and Brown Coffee Company. The complex has dedicated paid parking, but with a validation from Pharm Table, you can park for free for up to an hour and a half. This is a huge benefit in an area of town where parking can be a nightmare. 

WEBSITE | 611 S Presa St Suite 106, San Antonio, TX 78210

20. Dashi Sichuan Kitchen


Good for: weeknight dinner

Best Restaurants in San Antonio

Great location? Nope. Views? Not even a little bit. Out of the world food? YES! While it’s not a lot to look at, Dashi Sichuan Kitchen has risen to the top of San Antonio’s Asian fusion scene with a menu that just doesn’t stop and food that will blow your mind.

Best Restaurants in San Antonio

Dashi is helmed by SA chef Jian Li and is a class act in Asian food. Located in a strip mall at the corner of Jones Maltsberger and Thousand Oaks, Dashi is outfitted with swanky velvet seating, colorful Chinese lanterns, dramatic chandeliers, and contemporary epoxy flooring, giving the restaurant an east-meets-the-club sort of feel.

Best Restaurants in San Antonio

But you don’t come here for the feel, you undoubtedly come for the food. Chef Li’s knowledge and rendering of Sichuan style cooking, emphasizes pickling, salting, drying, spicing, and lots of chili oil, is unmatched, making Dashi THE place to go in SA for Asian cuisine.

Best Restaurants in San Antonio

Guests to Dashi can sample anything from traditional stir-fries and noodle and rice bowls, to Sichuan-specific entrees like wok-seared Mongolia ribeye and spicy cumin and lamb lollipops. Dishes are served family style and make for a tasty, shareable meal.

You can check out a complete review of Dashi Sichuan Kitchen, by clicking here.

WEBSITE | 2895 Thousand Oaks Dr, San Antonio, TX 78232

21. Bohanan’s Prime Steaks and Seafood

Steak and Seafood

Good For: Date Night Or fancy party

Best Restaurants in San Antonio

This is Texas and there should be at least one steakhouse on this list of best restaurants in San Antonio. And while there are many (and I do many SO MANY) great places in SA to enjoy that perfectly seared cut of prime beef, many of the higher-tiered steakhouses in San Antonio are chains that lack the distinctly local feel of San Antonio. All except one, that is. Bohanan’s Prime Steaks and Seafood is all local, all classy, and all kinds of tasty.

Best Restaurants in San Antonio

Located downtown on Houston street directly across from the Majestic Theatre (hello, fabulous date night!), Bohanan’s is a total class act in how to run a restaurant. Chef Mark Bohanan opened his doors in 2002 in an historic building that exudes old-world elegance. It’s all dark, gleaming wood, sparkling crystal, and crisp, white tablecloths for this eatery - creating a sophisticated, and somehow at the same time comfortable, atmosphere. 

Best Restaurants in San Antonio

And lest you begin to think that all this elegance will likely translate to stuffy or pompous, just open the doors and walk in. You’ll immediately discover that “friendly” can easily coexist with “elegant.”

From the time that we entered until the moment we left, we were greeted by or engaged with constantly by the abundant staff. And not in a weird or over-the-top kind of way leaving you silently wishing that they’d just leave you alone. They were caring, kind, and pleasant to chat with, striking that perfect balance of attending to (and in many cases foreseeing) our needs, without being even a little intrusive or smothering.

Best Restaurants in San Antonio

Bohanan’s first floor is a dedicated, full service bar that specializes in classic pre-prohibition era cocktails like old fashioneds, martinis, and manhattans, with a small number of house specialty cocktails also available.

The abbreviated food menu includes a few of the most popular main restaurant menu items like the filet and ribeye meaning that even without restaurant reservations, you can still enjoy an evening of Bohanan’s steaks and drinks.

Best Restaurants in San Antonio

But trust me, it’s worth getting the reservations for the full experience. Once inside, head to the very back of the bar to the elevator which will take you to the second floor restaurant itself, and a meal to remember.

Every meal at Bohanan’s starts with the chef’s mother’s snack of candied jalapeño and whipped cream butter, served over crostini. This will be followed by a loaf of fresh-baked French bread, and whatever delicious spread of food you are craving for the evening.

Best Restaurants in San Antonio

As it’s a steak restaurant, and the best in the city, for that matter, order the steak. Period. Bohanan’s serves custom cuts of prime beef, some of which can’t be found anywhere else in the city. So pick your preferred cut, add a salad, or side, all of which are served a la carte (I absolutely loved the sauteed portobello mushrooms and potatoes au gratin), and enjoy a perfect steakhouse meal.

WEBSITE | 219 E Houston St #275, San Antonio, TX 78205

22. Krazy Katsu

Japanese fried chicken

Good For: Lunch

Food Trucks

Krazy Katsu took up their first location at a food trailer residence in July 2022 at the Yard Shopping Center in Olmos Park. Their sandwiches were so immediately popular that they sold over 900 pounds of chicken within the first two days of opening, and business hasn’t slowed down since.

Their concept is Japanese-style fried chicken – herb brined and breaded in panko crumbs – served up on freshly made Hawaiian buns. Did we mention the size? The chicken sandwiches are enormous! Guests can pair one of their ten crowd-pleasing, big-as-your-face sandwiches with a side of their seasoned, crinkle-cut fries, or smaller Katsu chicken bites.

Food Trucks

We recommend trying the Original, with Kung Fu sauce and pickles, or the Last Samurai, with Japanese pickled cucumbers and teriyaki bourbon sauce. But if you can’t decide, order their sliders and try up to three different sandwiches on a much smaller scale than the normal ones. You’ll still get plenty to eat, and you will be able to narrow down your options for next time because you are definitely going to want to come back.

After a highly successful year in Olmos Park, Krazy Katsu expanded their business to a second brick and mortar location in the Medical Center so you can now catch one of their yummy sandwiches on San Antonio's northwest side.

WEBSITE | 5257 McCullough Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212

23. Shiro Japanese Bistro

Sushi and Japanese

Good For: Dinner or your sushi fix

Shiro Japanese Bistro

Sushi lovers, we haven’t forgotten about you! As with any American city of size, San Antonio has a flourishing sushi scene that spans the spectrum of cheap and mediocre (HEB sushi, amiright?!), to pricey and delicious. We even have a sushi joint for technology lovers that serves its rolls on sushi boats that are floated directly to your table and drinks that are delivered by robots.

Shiro Japanese Bistro
Shiro Japanese Bistro

But kitsch aside, sometimes all you want is fresh sushi that is flavorful, and creative. Enter: Shiro Japanese Bistro, the best sushi restaurant in San Antonio, the best Japanese restaurant in San Antonio, and definitely one of the overall best restaurants in San Antonio. Seriously.

Shiro Japanese Bistro

Shiro opened its doors toward the end of the pandemic and has managed to not only survive, but thrive. Located on the quieter north end of the Riverwalk, Shiro has distinguished itself for the quality of its food, beauty of its location, and its outstanding service.

Shiro Japanese Bistro

While the menu at Shiro is well rounded with both small plates and traditional Japanese entrees like chicken or steak teriyaki (which was super-yum), the sushi and nigiri options are definitely the stars of the show.

Given San Antonio’s landlocked, center of the country location, our sushi hasn’t exactly been able to compete with the likes of what you might find in LA or San Francisco for many years. But Shiro has taken local sushi to a whole new level and could easily punch in the California sushi weight class.

Shiro Japanese Bistro

Rolls here are on the large side and are just…better. They are fresher. More colorful. Tastier. Same goes for the nigiri. Masterfully done. And more than a few cuts above anything else you will find in the Alamo city.

Shiro Japanese Bistro
Shiro Japanese Bistro

 *Bonus! For those on the far northwest side of the city, the owners of Shiro just opened the brand new Yozora Sake and Wine Bar. With a focus on shareable dishes like Crudo, Yakitori, and Wagyu, as well as a number of menu faves from Shiro, Yozora offers a Shiro-like experience with Shiro-like food in a location that is more easily accessible to those up the I-10 corridor. 

Shiro Japanese Bistro

WEBSITE | 107 W Jones Ave, San Antonio, TX 78215

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