Indoor Play Places For Toddlers In San Antonio

There’s literally nothing quite as brutal as being trapped inside with a gaggle of toddlers in the middle of a Texas summer. I’ve been there plenty of times, and it can make you quite literally lose your mind. So if you’re looking for indoor places to play in San Antonio for kids, here are a bunch of great options! 

Note that these are all INDOOR places because no one wants to go outside in the afternoon when it’s 110 degrees. If you’re just lookin for a general list of fun things to do with kids in San Antonio, here are a bunch of fun ideas! And here are a bunch of things to do with toddlers in San Antonio, if you need toddler-specific ideas. 

Indoor Places To Play In San Antonio

These are all toddler-specific play places. These are all really sweet, gentle places where 2- and 3-year-olds can play and explore indoors in San Antonio! Some of these spots are also suitable for older children, but they’re especially great for the littles ones since toddlers can’t always engage in big-kid arcade games or giant trampoline parks.

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Best Indoor Spots For Toddlers

1. Emmazing Play

Emmazing Play

This is the sweetest little spot to bring toddlers to play indoors! It’s consistently clean, designed for babies as young as 3 months old, and has tons of fun stuff to do. They even have a weekly “Toddler Tuesday.” 

There are a bunch of soft climbing spaces, cute little slides and tunnels, and even little cars and coasters. 

I wanted to include all of the specific hours for you, but I’ve found that they change pretty frequently here. (For instance, summer hours are different from school year hours.) So check the Emmazing Play website for the most up-to-date info. Typically, open play hours are on the weekdays, and Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for birthday parties.

Photo Credits: Patricia L, Yelp

WEBSITE | 5630 NW Loop 410 Ste 103 Leon Valley, TX 78238

2. The DoSeum

DoSeum in San Antonio

This is not just the crown jewel of San Antonio… it’s quite honestly one of the BEST kids museums I’ve found in the entire state of Texas! The DoSeum is an absolute blast for children of any age! The only downside is that it’s a little bit expensive, so this is more of a “once-in-a-while fun treat” for my kids.

The exhibits, programs, and classes all encourage hands-on learning, DIY projects, and exploration. There are story times and outdoor play spaces and SO many cool crafts to do. This kids museum in San Antonio is just packed with fun stuff to do! 

And specifically for toddlers, there’s this adorable “Little Town” that’s quite literally a small town, except everything is scaled to toddler size. My 2-year-old loves to push his cart through the H-E-B store, pull a suitcase through security at the pretend airport and board the airplane, drive a car through the car wash, and visit the construction site. It’s SO fun! 

WEBSITE | 2800 Broadway San Antonio, TX 78209

3. We Rock The Spectrum

We Rock the Spectrum

This place is a gem. I adore what they’re doing! Whether you have a child who is diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder or not, every child can benefit from this indoor play place! 

We Rock The Spectrum is stocked with pieces of sensory equipment to provide a safe environment for children to play and learn. And really, this place is absolutely suitable for everyone! It’s marketed as “a place where you don’t have to apologize” because everyone there (including the lovely staff and volunteers) understands sensory processing disorders. And how important it is to provide safe places for sensory experiences.

Photo Credits: Priscilla T, Yelp

WEBSITE | 9902 Potranco Rd Ste 104 San Antonio, TX 78251

4. My Gym North San Antonio

My Gym

There are now more than 700 My Gym locations all over the world, so you might have heard of this one before. But it’s awesome! They have a bunch of “gym” equipment, and my two boys go crazy for this stuff whenever they’re in a kids gym! 

It’s a great place to escape the heat, enjoy some air conditioning (bliss!!), and allow your little ones to burn off a bunch of energy. 

You can sign up for different classes and programs that are categorized by age. I love this, because it means that my 4-year-old isn’t going to get absolutely demolished by a big 10-year-old who’s playing on the same equipment. They even have half day summer camps, which is a great way to get a break if you’re needing it. Drop off your kids, run some errands, and then pick them up knowing they got a bunch of great physical activity during their morning! 

I’ll say the same thing about this one as I did about the DoSeum. The only downside is that it’s a bit expensive. So while this probably won’t be a daily indoor activity for your kids, it’s really nice to know about for special treats!

Photo Credits: Marlene G, Yelp

WEBSITE | 15614 Huebner Rd Ste 103 San Antonio, TX 78248

5. SA Fun Zone

SA Fun Zone

I debated putting this one under “toddler indoor play places” or “big kid indoor play places.” Why? Because there is a toddler zone, but it’s super small! However, if you live close to SA Fun Zone and you’re absolutely desperate for an indoor play space for a birthday party, definitely check out this one!

Photo Credits: Janeth M, Yelp

WEBSITE | 6128 Wurzbach Rd San Antonio, TX 78238

6. Kids Empire San Antonio

Kids Empire

This place is designed for kids of all ages, but there’s a tot specific area so your little ones can play safely! Ok, full disclosure: I’m kind of grossed out that they have a ball pit here (didn’t those germ-fests all die in the late 1990s? Nope. There’s still this one!) but other than that, it’s a nice and clean and safe place for 2-year-olds to run and crash and play.

And if you’re looking for the best value for your money, this is it! You buy one ticket, and then you can come and go all day. Which means you could play in the morning, go home for naptime, and then come back in the afternoon after lunch.

Photo Credits: Belynda H, Yelp

WEBSITE | 742 NW Lp 410 Ste 109 San Antonio, TX 78216

7. Maui Maui Kids Play Island

Maui Kids Play Island

I love the Hawai’i theme going on here! This is another indoor play space in San Antonio that’s designed for kids of all ages. There’s a toddler-specific play space, and you can stop by for open play. 

Get this - babies under 1 are FREE! So if you have a crawling 10-month-old and need to escape the heat and do something fun, head here! Open play costs are pretty reasonable, too. If you plan to come back a few times, get the 8-visit punch card. It’s definitely the best value! 

Also, dogear this spot for a toddler birthday party! It’s clean, cute, and lots of fun, and they provide pizza!

Photo Credits: Daniel S, Yelp

WEBSITE | 19239 Stone Oak Pkwy Ste 117 San Antonio, TX 78258

8. Urban Air

Urban Air

There are Urban Air locations all over the place, and I’m a big fan! They’re trampoline parks that are definitely designed for big kids, but I’ve brought my little ones here and they love it, too. There’s an age-specific jumping zone where the younger children can jump without fear of a big teenager mulling them over. 

Keep in mind that it’s a trampoline park…. so you have to sign a waiver. Tons of accidents occur at trampoline parks! However, for little kids who can’t jump very high, I consider it a fairly safe indoor play space option in San Antonio.

Photo Credits: Mike F, Yelp

WEBSITE | 8490 Fourwinds Dr San Antonio, TX 78239

9. The Rush Fun Park

The Rush Fun Park

This place is EPIC for big kids, so if you have an older sibling (8-10) and a younger sibling (toddler) who both want to play, check it out! The toddler area is honestly kind of dirty and gross…so this is at the bottom of my list of kid-friendly places to bring my little ones in San Antonio. I’m just including it because I've Totally been there on a hot summer day when you’re like “anything is better than nothing!!” And you just need some air conditioning and an indoor place nearby. So if it’s close to you, it’s not a fully bad option! 

This is also one of those places that makes you buy their branded socks, which is always sooo annoying to me. It’s obviously just a way to charge an extra $5 per guest, but it just seems so environmentally insensitive to make guests keep buying new pairs of socks for each play place they visit. Just my thoughts.

Photo Credits: Sarah A, Yelp

WEBSITE | 3150 Pat Booker Rd Ste 103 Universal City, TX 78148

10. Sea Life San Antonio

SEA Life San Antonio

You’ve probably seen ads for this around the riverwalk, and that’s because it’s a MEGA tourist destination in downtown San Antonio. While I wouldn’t recommend this one as a “visit again and again” place for SA locals, I do think it’s a nice respite from the summer heat if you’re visiting. And it’s great for toddlers!

Sea Life has an ocean tunnel, a shark exhibit, and daily talks and feedings. You can even touch the sea creatures in certain areas! It only takes about an hour to walk through Sea Life, so don’t plan this as an all-day event for your toddler or anything like that. But if you’re visiting San Antonio and need an afternoon activity for your toddler to escape the heat, keep this one in mind.

Photo Credits: Katlyn P, Yelp

WEBSITE | 849 E Commerce St Ste 600 San Antonio, TX 78205

11. Liggettville


This is an indoor space with zip lines and rope courses. While it’s definitely designed for older kids, I’m kind of surprised at how they’ve designed certain courses for younger children. 3-year-olds can definitely play here at the ropes course that’s just 3 feet off the ground, while older kids enjoy the  super tall ropes courses. 

Ok, and I just have to say this: it’s super expensive. That’s because it’s located downtown at the Shop at River center (the same location as Legoland and Sea Life.) So if you’re visiting and you have money to spend and need some air conditioning, it’s a  great option! But if you’re a local and you want a budget-friendly place to visit again and again, this probably isn’t it. Fun for a special occasion, though!

Photo Credits: Ino R, Yelp

WEBSITE | 849 E Commerce St San Antonio, TX 78205

12. AIRTOPIA Adventure Park

AIRTOPIA Adventure Park

This one is mostly a trampoline park, but they also have other indoor things to do AND a cafe. I love it when I can pair a pizza lunch with our outing! 

It’s truly a fun spot for toddlers. They’ll only be able to enjoy a portion of this adventure park, but there’s enough to do to entertain them for several hours. 

The toddler room is a little bit quieter, which my youngest one definitely appreciates.

Photo Credits: Yvonne P, Yelp

WEBSITE | 16628 San Pedro Ave San Antonio, TX 78232

13. Inflatable Wonderland

Inflatable Wonderland

I love this place. Inflatable indoor play spaces have the potential to get so gross, but the staff at Inflatable Wonderland is literally cleaning the entire time you’re there. They’re so great! 

They have pizza you can buy, a bunch of bounce houses and slides, and (best of all) this place is INDOORS! It’s a great spot to go on the hottest days of the summer! It’s designed for children as young as 12 months, so there’s a lot of stuff for toddlers to do at Inflatable Wonderland. 

Inflatable Wonderland is one of those awesome places where you can come and go all day with your wristband. A HUGE win if you’re trying to get more play for your dollar!

Photo Credits:  Jennifer W, Yelp

WEBSITE | 6909 TX-1604 Lp Rolling Oaks Mall San Antonio, TX 78247

I have so much fun exploring San Antonio with my kids, and I know that there are a lot of you out there who are in the same boat! So if you’re looking for more kid-friendly ideas in SA, check out the kid-friendly tab for all of our posts.

You can also see this guide to things to do with kids in San Antonio, and things to do with toddlers in San Antonio.

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