Where to Eat on the St. Mary’s Strip

Locals in San Antonio often regard the St. Mary’s Strip as the de facto area of the city for booze and bars. Nearly every corner of this strip of St. Mary’s street that runs north and south between E. Mistletoe and Polk St. boasts some kind of watering hole. Hole-in-the-wall, wine bar, speakeasy, ear-splitting night club – all of it can be found on the St. Mary’s Strip.

Where to Eat on St. Mary's

But if you are headed to the strip to do a little drinking, may as well plan on doing some eating as well. The good news: the St. Mary’s Strip has some really great options for food, including a few that are open late (like, 3am late).

So, whether you are looking for an excellent brunch restaurant to begin your day drinking at 10am, or you’re headed home in the middle of the night and have a sudden hankering for tacos, the St. Mary’s Strip has all of your dining needs met.

Where to Eat on St. Mary's

The list below includes a variety of eateries with differing operating hours and is ordered geographically from north to south. Be sure to check the dining times before you head out to your preferred restaurant as some do close earlier in the day. 

Also be prepared for a less than ideal parking situation. Many of the locations along the St. Mary’s Strip do not have parking lots and the street parking can be a headache. It’s better now that the construction has concluded, but plan ahead to park along a side street and walk if there isn’t on-site parking available.

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Where to Eat on the St. Mary’s Strip

El Milagrito Café

Where to Eat on St. Mary's

El Milagrito Café on the far north end of the St. Mary’s Strip is your go-to for Tex-Mex comfort food. Their sizable menu has it all – if you’ve eaten it and it’s Tex-Mex, you’ll find it here. Make sure and check out their fantastic taco options for which they have rightfully earned a spot on our list of the best breakfast tacos in San Antonio

Where to Eat on St. Mary's

Prices at El Milagrito are out-of-this-world and you’ll be utterly shocked by just how far $10 can go here. The café is strictly a breakfast and lunch location as they open early and close around 3pm, but given how much food you’ll get, you won’t need dinner. Trust me on this one.

WEBSITE | 521 E Woodlawn Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212

Candlelight Coffee and Wine Garden

Where to Eat on St. Mary's

Photo Credit: Facebook Candlelight Coffeehouse

The Candlelight Coffee and Wine Garden, sometimes called the Candlelight Pourhouse, is an adorable little coffee shop and wine garden that is open for brunch Friday – Sunday until 2pm.

They operate out of an old home, with a fenced-in backyard where the wine garden is located. Guests can sit outside under the shading of umbrellas, while drinking and enjoying the local art displayed on the fence walls.

Where to Eat on St. Mary's

Photo Credit: Facebook Candlelight Coffeehouse

Candlelight’s menu is extremely beverage heavy with an assortment of coffees, teas, sodas, cocktails, beers, and of course, wine. The alcohol offerings, in particular, are quite extensive and the variety should satisfy even the pickiest of customers.

Food here is on the lighter side and can be classified more as “snacks” than full-on entrees. But prices are cheap, and you can cobble together a number of decent brunch dishes including breakfast tacos, pancakes, French toast, and more.

WEBSITE | 107 Kings Ct, San Antonio, TX 78212

Cullum’s Attaboy/Attagirl

A Visit to James Beard Award Finalist, Cullum’s Attaboy

This one is basically a twofer. Local chef Chris Cullum, who was recently recognized as a James Beard Award finalist, owns two of the best restaurants on the St. Mary’s Strip, the eponymously named Cullum’s Attaboy and Cullum’s Attagirl.

Attaboy, one of the best brunch restaurants in San Antonio, is my personal go-to place for brunch in the Alamo city. Dishes here are basically Cullum’s homage to the great food of San Antonio’s restaurants of old. But frankly, I have a tough time believing that the originals could even hold a candle to the likes of Attaboy’s renditions, they are simply that good. 

Where to Eat on St. Mary's

Attagirl lies right next door and around the corner to Attaboy and features some of Cullum’s favorite comfort foods. He describes his restaurant as a “run down chicken shack” that’s all about the beer, wings, and disco. Food here is southern, fried, and kind of sassy, but also totally delicious.

Where to Eat on St. Mary's

Attaboy is only open for brunch Wednesday-Sunday from 8am to 2pm. Attagirl picks up where Attaboy leaves off and is open from 11am to 11pm on the same days. Great way to grab a leisurely brunch, and then just slide over a bench for an afternoon of wings and beer.

WEBSITE |  726 E Mistletoe, San Antonio, TX 78212

WEBSITE | 111 Kings Ct., San Antonio, TX 78212

Tycoon Flats

Where to Eat on St. Mary's

Tycoon Flats is everything you could ever want in a burger joint (which is why it is home to one of the best burgers in San Antonio). Housed in a 100 year old gas station and full of personality, Tycoon Flats majors on burgers, fries, and drinks – what more could you want?

In addition to an indoor seating area, Tycoon Flats has a large, outdoor beer garden with bar access. It is a super family-friendly restaurant where both pets and kids are welcome. Kids will easily find something to enjoy from the lengthy list of burger options. 

Where to Eat on St. Mary's

If you’re looking for an award winner, TF’s Fried Apple Blue Cheeseburger was previously featured on the Food Network’s series Burgers, Brews & ‘Que and for a good reason.

Tycoon Flats is open Sunday-Thursday till 10pm and Friday-Saturday till 11pm.

WEBSITE | 2926 N St Mary's St, San Antonio, TX 78212

Singh’s Vietnamese

Where to Eat on St. Mary's

Photo Credit: Yelp Stacy V.

Bring on the Bahn Mi! If you’re tired of the same old burgers and fries, Singh’s is a great place to branch out a little and explore the delightful culinary landscape of Vietnam.

Where to Eat on St. Mary's

Photo Credit: Yelp Charlynne A.

Food here is simple and straightforward, with choices for buns, bahn mi, rice bowls, and goi. Prices are great at around $12-$14 for an entrée, flavors are bold and punchy, and portions are filling.

Make sure and add one of Singh’s brightly colored, flavorful sauces to level up any entrée (the housemade chili oil is a big fave).

Singh’s is open every day and they stay open late Tuesday-Saturday.

WEBSITE | 2803 N St Mary's St, San Antonio, TX 78212

Tacos El Regio

Where to Eat on St. Mary's

Tacos El Regio is THE place to go to on the St. Mary’s Strip for late night eats. Open every day from 5pm-3am, this dependable taco truck serves up tacos, tortas, quesadillas, and a few Mexican snack items to the bar hopping revelers on the strip. Everything here is authentic, affordable, and just right after a long night of carousing.

If you happen to be the “plan ahead” type of person, you can order your food online for a quick and easy pickup at the truck.

WEBSITE | 2726 N St Mary's St, San Antonio, TX 78212

Demo’s Greek Food

Where to Eat on St. Mary's

Photo Credit: Yelp Cindy S.

Demo’s Greek Food has had a presence in San Antonio for the last 45 years. They are a family owned and operated restaurant with three locations throughout SA where they prepare their popular Greek food for their eager patrons. 

Demo’s touts themselves as being “homemade, handmade, everyday!” And their commitment to excellence has won them “Best Gyros in San Antonio” for 2024 by the Express News Reader’s Choice Awards. 

Demo’s is open Tuesday-Thursday from 11am-8pm and on Friday-Saturday till 9pm.

WEBSITE | 2501 N St Mary's St, San Antonio, TX 78212

Curry Boys BBQ

Curry Boys BBQ in San Antonio

Texas barbecue and Thai curry – who’d have known the two would make such a beautiful marriage? James Beard Award semifinalist chefs and owners, Andrew Ho and Sean Wen – that’s who! 

Curry Boys has been absolute FIRE beginning the day they first opened shop in a little pink shack off of the St. Mary’s Strip. Since then, they have moved to a larger location (blessedly with air conditioning) and raked in a handful of James Beard Award nominations. They are now planning to open their second Curry Boys location in Stone Oak.

Where to Eat on St. Mary's

This success all comes down to their genius food. Quality BBQ and quality curry. It is a ridiculously delicious match made in Heaven – and the primary reason why they are one of the best restaurants in San Antonio. If you are all about the flavors and being wowed by a meal, this should be your first stop on the strip. Hands down.

Curry Boys BBQ is open every day from 11am to 10pm.

WEBSITE | 536 E Courtland Pl, San Antonio, TX 78212

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