Map of the 13 Best Breakfast Tacos in San Antonio

Breakfast tacos are synonymous with San Antonio. Truly, they are baked into the very fabric of the city – on par with the Alamo and the Spurs. To live here is to have a favorite local taqueria and preferred go-to taco.  Everyone and we do mean EVERYONE, has an opinion on who serves up the most delicious breakfast tacos in San Antonio and everyone is ready to defend that opinion against anyone who may disagree.

More than a few fights have broken out over the years on this subject. Obviously, breakfast tacos are serious business in the Alamo city. 

Con Huevos Tacos in San Antonio

Use this map of the best breakfast tacos in San Antonio to find one near you:

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Best Breakfast Tacos in San Antonio

So, what makes a breakfast taco worth fighting for? 

When it comes to rating breakfast tacos, people are looking for a few specific things.

First (and perhaps foremost), the tortilla, has to be perfect. Nothing beats the buttery goodness of a fresh tortilla hot off the press. If you can’t get that right, it’s frankly a non-starter.

The second thing to consider is what goes inside the tortilla. While eggs, bacon, cheese, beans, salsa, and the like are common everywhere, they aren’t created equal. A good taqueria is aware of this and makes sure to stock quality ingredients and prepare them well. 

Best Breakfast Tacos in San Antonio

What’s the difference between a breakfast taco and a breakfast burrito?

The third thing to consider when selecting a breakfast taco is the size. Now, this is a little more nuanced and is often the place where locals diverge on their taco preference.

To say it plainly, size is subjective. Some breakfast tacos are absolutely huge – picture giant tortillas stuffed to overflowing with eggs, bacon, or cheese - akin in some ways to a breakfast burrito (though you should never call it that in front of someone from San Antonio as you will be promptly corrected). 

Some breakfast tacos in San Antonio are quite modest in comparison. The benefit to a smaller taco is that there’s less of a chance some of your taco fillings will overflow and wind up in your lap. Plus, you can usually put away 2-4 of these in a sitting.

While quality may be a non-negotiable for breakfast tacos, quantity is clearly a matter of taste. 

Best Breakfast Tacos in San Antonio

Breakfast tacos near you are often the best breakfast tacos.

Finally, the last thing to consider is the location. With a taqueria in most neighborhoods and some areas boasting multiple options, you never have to drive far to satisfy your taco cravings.

With a city like San Antonio that has many choices for breakfast tacos, most of which are really good, we suggest you find some place close by that tastes marvelous and make it your taco home. There are simply too many great options here to feel like you need to drive 45 minutes for something special when special is found on many corners of the city. 

Best Breakfast Tacos in San Antonio

A guide to finding breakfast tacos in San Antonio…

But for those who may be visiting or just looking for a great breakfast taco experience and don’t know where to start, we have hit the pavement on your behalf and tasted our fair share of tacos (it’s been tough work) in order to offer up restaurants that are simply a cut above when it comes to fantastic breakfast tacos. 

This list is by no means exhaustive, nor is it in any particular order, but it does provide some of the best options in a city that prides itself on its breakfast tacos.

You can’t go wrong with any of these suggestions, but then again, it’s pretty darn hard to go wrong with a breakfast taco in the first place. PERIOD.

11 Best Breakfast Tacos in San Antonio

1. Original Donut Shop

Best Breakfast Tacos in San Antonio

Now we know what you are thinking, the name clearly implies that donuts are the focus of this San Antonio staple.

However, in addition to their creative and delectable donut offerings (apple fritters, anyone?!), the Original Donut Shop has been cooking breakfast tacos at its current location for decades.

Best Breakfast Tacos in San Antonio

The menu features an expansive breakfast taco list that is served on fluffy tortillas that are made daily. Come give the popular toasted bean and cheese with bacon a try and top it off with some of their delicious salsa.

Please note that the drive-thru line often stretches down the road, so show up early or head inside to order. 

WEBSITE | 3307 Fredericksburg Rd, San Antonio, TX 78201

2. Garcia’s Mexican Food

Best Breakfast Tacos in San Antonio

Garcia’s made their mark in San Antonio when they opened up in 1962. Today, the original owner’s children continue the legacy of serving great food in a relaxed atmosphere.

Dine in for breakfast or lunch and choose from an extensive menu of authentic Tex-Mex favorites.

Best Breakfast Tacos in San Antonio

Guests to Garcia’s have their choice of homemade flour or corn tortillas and both are yummy. The absolute must-have on the menu is the melt-in-your-mouth brisket taco with guacamole. Hands down.

Btw, you'll also see Garcia's on our guide to the 21 Must-Try Restaurants in San Antonio. It's an excellent place to try for breakfast or lunch.

WEBSITE | 842 Fredericksburg Rd., San Antonio, TX 78201

3. Con Huevos Tacos

best breakfast tacos in San Antonio - Con Huevos

Located on the eastside of San Antonio, Con Huevos Tacos has been serving delicious breakfast tacos since 2019.

The homemade flour tortillas are out of this world, the service is friendly and full of smiles, and the little walk-up window and outdoor patio provide an excellent place to start your morning with a hot, fresh breakfast taco.

best breakfast tacos in San Antonio - Con Huevos

The menu starts with the specialty breakfast tacos. They are, quite frankly, where it’s at. Order these! They’re all titled with a single name, like “Vicki” and “Carmen” and “Irma."

The flour tortillas really are that good, and the fillings are up to par as well. The papas con chorizo are cut evenly (thus, cooked evenly) and perfectly soft, flavored with the spice and redness of chorizo. The salty beans and the melty cheddar cheese are all swirled together into one creamy bite of heaven.

Seriously…these breakfast tacos so, so good.

WEBSITE | 1629 E Houston St, San Antonio, TX 78202

4. Little Taco Factory

Best Breakfast Tacos in San Antonio

This no-frills taco joint is beloved by many breakfast taco aficionados in San Antonio. The menu here is heavy on breakfast taco staples but doesn’t skimp on flavor or quality.

While you’re here, try the chorizo and egg breakfast taco - the chorizo strikes the perfect balance of spice and flavor without being overly greasy.

Best Breakfast Tacos in San Antonio
Best Breakfast Tacos in San Antonio

The Little Taco Factory’s seating area is quite small (it really is “little”), so be prepared to grab your food and go if there aren’t any tables left. 

But with tacos that taste like the ones your Abuela used to make, it doesn’t really matter where you have to eat them.

WEBSITE | Multi locations - 1510 McCullough Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212

5. Pete’s Tako House

Best Breakfast Tacos in San Antonio

Serving up fantastic tacos since 1978, this family-owned and operated long-timer can’t be missed.

After spending 33 years dishing out authentic Tex-Mex cuisine in their original building off of Main Ave., Pete’s moved to their current location in 2011 in order to accommodate its loyal fan following.

10 Best Restaurants Near The Alamo: Local Favorites

Pete’s boasts a sizeable menu with options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast taco offerings are fairly standard but done very well.

As parking is on the street, be prepared to walk a bit and work up an appetite during prime breakfast hours.


WEBSITE | 502 Brooklyn Ave, San Antonio, TX 78215

6. Eddie’s Taco House

Best Breakfast Tacos in San Antonio

Eddie’s Taco House has been a downtown San Antonio standard for nearly 50 years, catering to everyone who is looking to scratch their Mexican food itch.

After expanding to a second location on the northside, Eddie’s now has a full-size bar and grill, replete with all the offerings.

Check out their throwback daily specials for deals on tacos or give their bacon and egg breakfast taco with guacamole a shot. Then come back for lunch or dinner and pair a margarita (they have 12 options!) with one of their renowned puffy tacos.

WEBSITE | Multi locations - 402 W Cevallos, San Antonio, TX 78204

7. Carlito’s Taco House

Best Breakfast Tacos in San Antonio

This neighborhood eatery, formerly known as Tito's Taco House, is located in Castle Hills and is packed most days with enthusiastic customers from all over the San Antonio area.

The service is friendly, and the menu is huge, including both the standard breakfast taco options as well as a number of specialty tacos.

Best Breakfast Tacos in San Antonio

Thanks to their enormous (and tasty!) tortillas, tacos here are on the larger side, so 1-2 should do the trick.

Carlito’s is open around the clock so feel free to drop in whenever the taco cravings hit you. 

WEBSITE | 11319 West Ave, San Antonio, TX 78213

8. Tacos N' Salsa

Best Breakfast Tacos in San Antonio

As the recent winner of the “best breakfast taco in San Antonio” by the San Antonio Express-News reader’s choice awards, Tacos N' Salsa is a heavy hitter on the breakfast tacos scene. 

With fresh ingredients, tacos made to order, and three locations across the city to choose from, you simply can’t go wrong. 

Best Breakfast Tacos in San Antonio

They have an expansive breakfast taco menu with a number of specialty tacos.  Give the Trash Can taco a try and if you’re feeling a little spicy, top it off with one of their many fresh salsas.

If you’re feeling a LOT spicy, check out the habañero-ghost pepper salsa, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

WEBSITE | Multi locations - 5123 N Loop 1604 W Acc Rd, San Antonio, TX 78249

9. Chela's Mexican Kitchen


With two centrally-located locations serving predictably good breakfast tacos every day of the week, Chela's Tacos has become a staple in the San Antonio breakfast taco scene.

The handmade flour or corn tortillas are soft and hearty (yes, the corn tortilla is exceptionally soft!) and the fillings are perfect. Think: fluffy eggs, cripsy-crunchy bacon, and fresh salsa.

Chela's offers all of the predictable options (chorizo, egg, potato, cheese, bacon, etc) but they also have some unique breakfast taco offerings. Try the chicharron in green sauce for something a little bit different, and if you haven't ever ordered barbacoa in a breakfast taco, this is the place to do it.

Oh, and watch out for that homemade salsa. It packs a punch!


Chela's Mexican Kitchen

Chela's Mexican Kitchen, located on N St Mary's St, is a bit more of a full-service sit-down restaurant with a large bar. And the counter-service Chela's Tacos on Broadway is your best bet for a quick breakfast taco on your way to work. Either location can provide tacos to enjoy in the restaurant or to-go.

WEBSITE | 3420 N St Mary's St, and 5231 Broadway APT 117

10. Mary’s Tacos

Best Breakfast Tacos in San Antonio

After nearly 16 years of operating in Boerne and Kerrville, Mary’s Tacos expanded into the San Antonio area market in 2021 and opened up a location in Helotes to rave reviews.

Mary’s isn’t flashy, in fact, they pride themselves on their low-key approach to food. Customers can simply expect solid, delicious breakfast tacos served with a smile.

Best Breakfast Tacos in San Antonio
Best Breakfast Tacos in San Antonio

When ordering, try the Bubba Special – Carne guidasa, potatoes, and cheese – named for a regular at one of their restaurants, or build your own. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next person at Mary’s to have a taco named after them! 

WEBSITE | Multi locations - 13439 Bandera Rd, Helotes, TX 78023

11. Teka Molino

Best Breakfast Tacos in San Antonio

No “best of” list would be complete without a mention of Teka Molino. Teka Molino celebrated their 85 birthday this year in San Antonio and with that kind of longevity, they must be good.

Best Breakfast Tacos in San Antonio

They are most famous for being the home of the puffy taco (learn all about the San Antonio puffy taco here) and were even featured on season 2 of the Netflix series, Taco Chronicles, so word has gotten out about this place.

Best Breakfast Tacos in San Antonio

And while you can expect some crowds, the food is more than worth it. 85 years of happy customers can’t be wrong.

Come try the bacon and egg breakfast taco – or really any taco with the bacon can’t be beaten.

WEBSITE | Multi locations - 7231 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX 78216

12. El Sabrosito Mexican Restaurant

Best Breakfast Tacos in San Antonio

Converse friends, we haven’t forgotten about you! 

Located just off of FM 78, El Sabrosito has been quietly serving up delicious breakfast tacos out of its cheerful yellow building to east side residents for many years.

Best Breakfast Tacos in San Antonio

Try their pork chop breakfast taco smothered in their red salsa and pair it with their delicious horchata.

Best Breakfast Tacos in San Antonio

Pro tip: the drive-thru can be slow, so call your order in ahead of time, and then pick it up at the walk-up window for faster service. 

WEBSITE | 9141 FM 1516, Converse, TX 78109

13. El Milagrito Café

Best Breakfast Tacos in San Antonio

This family-owned eatery located in Tobin Hill just north of downtown is the ultimate in Tex-Mex comfort food.

Devoted patrons praise the friendly service, stellar food, and great prices.

Best Breakfast Tacos in San Antonio
Best Breakfast Tacos in San Antonio

The menu includes both standard and specialty tacos as well as a number of vegetarian options.

You can enjoy their tacos indoors or on a nice day, head out to the covered patio for outdoor dining. 

WEBSITE | 521 E Woodlawn Ave, San Antonio, TX, United States

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