5 Things You Didn’t Know About Cured Restaurant in San Antonio

Cured, the New American restaurant from James Beard Finalist Steve McHugh, has been around since 2013. Even if you haven’t eaten here, you’ve most likely noticed the building at the historic Pearl District. (It’s the only free-standing restaurant in the entire development.) And you probably know the general concept of this restaurant (it’s literally in the name!), the type of food they serve, and the fact that they’ve racked up some pretty prestigious recognitions. But here are 5 things you might not know about Cured. 

Cured 1

For starters, here’s the stuff you probably already know. Cured is known for its in-house cured meats, whole-animal philosophy, and local ingredients.

Cured 2

The New American menu changes daily, and there are a lot of both Midwest and New Orleans influences based on Steve McHugh’s background: heritage hog poutine with Wisconsin cheddar curds and pickled cauliflower, smoked chicken and andouille gumbo with pickled okra, and a lovely bacon-oyster-lettuce (B.O.T.) sandwich made with oysters delicately fried in masa. 

Cured 3

Of course, the charcuterie plates are the stars of the show, made with beautifully arranged in-house cured meats and local cheeses.

Cured 4

This is a comfortable restaurant, casual enough for a weekday lunch out but also suitable for a special date night dinner. 

Cured is a crown jewel in San Antonio’s dining scene, often seen on best restaurants in San Antonio lists and guides. And here are a few insider tidbits you might not know about it.   

5 Things You Didn’t Know Cured Restaurant in San Antonio

1. It’s Located In One Of The Only Free-Standing Historic Buildings At The Pearl.

Cured 5

When you step into Cured, you’re literally stepping into history. Every nook and cranny of this old building has been delicately and meticulously preserved. 

It was built in 1904 as the Pearl Brewery’s administration building. Although some of it has been renovated to provide modern comforts (and safety!), you can still see the original exposed brick walls, wooden ceiling rafters, and mail slots where brewery workers would pick up their weekly paychecks. 

Cured 6

The bar ceiling? That’s made from a repurposed airplane hangar.

Cured 8

Some of the walls at Cured were left in their original condition to show the century of changes, from plaster to brick, with various colors of paint. 

There are few restaurant establishments that have the privilege of hanging on to this much history, and Cured does it beautifully. 

The preserved historic building is a large part of what makes dining at Cured such a memorable experience. After all, no one dines just for the food itself…if that were the case, we would be able to enjoy a ribeye steak at a parking lot picnic table, and we all know that’s not true! We dine out because we want to enjoy a unique and memorable ambiance, and that’s exactly what Cured provides. 

2. The Name “CURED” Has A Double Meaning

Cured 9

I (mistakenly) thought that the restaurant was named “Cured” because of the cured meats. It turns out there’s a deeper meaning behind the name. 

Chef Steve McHugh battled non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and underwent chemo.

Once he was cancer-free, chef used the name “Cured” as a nod not only to the charcuterie and pickling process at his restaurant but also to the healing that happened in his body.

One of the coolest parts about this double meaning, and the way it impacts every diner at Cured, is that Steve McHugh now cares deeply about the quality of food that he serves and consumes. 

You won’t get mass-produced veggies or conventionally-raised animals here. The ingredients are sourced locally and ethically, which not only means food that’s healthier for you….but tastier too!

3. Cured Has One Of The Best Happy Hours In San Antonio

Cured Happy Hour

$5 cocktails, 50% off some of the best entrees on the menu, and $2 tall boy PBRs? This food is basically free! If you’re hoping to try out one of the best restaurants in San Antonio but you need to stick to a budget, happy hour is the way to do it. 

It happens Mon-Fr from 2-5 pm. Be there.

4. There’s Repurposed Furniture Everywhere

This 1904 historic building had a lot of fun original pieces that have been repurposed as practical items at Cured. 

For instance, immediately upon entering the building, you’ll see an ice bucket to the left that’s used to hold cans of beer. This beverage cooler was actually the original bathroom sink in the Administrative Building. There’s a foot pump that was used to turn on the water for hand-washing. 

Cured hand washing station

Another cool artifact is the bathroom vanity in the men’s room. It was an old wooden desk, original to the building, that was transformed into a countertop in the modern restroom. 

Cured bathroom desk

Ask your server to point out these (and other!) surprises throughout the building.  

5. You Can Book Private Parties At Cured

Cured Private Room

If you have a milestone birthday, a golden anniversary, or a luxe company party coming up and you need a fantastic place to go all-out, Cured rents out their back room for private events. 

Cured ceiling rafters

The private room is beautifully designed, showcasing the building’s original brick walls, exposed rafters in the ceiling, and a few modern touches (including a cool piece of art made from recycled smartphone screens!)

Call Cured for details. 

WEBSITE | 306 Pearl Pkwy UNIT 101, San Antonio, TX 78215

Cured is one of the many restaurants at the Pearl that I love. Check out this guide to understand more about the rich restaurant scene at the Historic Pearl and choose a fun SA restaurant to visit soon! 

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