Here’s The Perfect Romantic Weekend in San Antonio | Hotels, Restaurants, and More

San Antonio makes for an ideal weekend getaway for couples. It’s conveniently located on I35 (the major north/south interstate that runs through Texas), and it’s just a few hours from every major city in Texas. From the stunning riverwalk to the world-class restaurants, incredible spas and resorts and boutique shopping districts, this might be your new favorite destination for a fun retreat away from the regular. Here’s how to plan the perfect romantic weekend in San Antonio. 

how to plan the perfect romantic weekend in San Antonio

Where To Stay in San Antonio For A Romantic Weekend

When you’re looking for a romantic hotel in San Antonio, you have three main options:

1. A Riverwalk Hotel

I always present the riverwalk with a pinch of caution. Yes, the riverwalk in San Antonio is absolutely beautiful! It was literally designed to be “the Venice of Texas.” The arched bridges, flowing water, bald cypress trees, and stone walkways evoke a feeling of calm. The riverwalk can be a good way to connect with nature. 

how to plan the perfect romantic weekend in San Antonio

Aaaand…the riverwalk can be the most annoying tourist attraction you’ve ever seen. On the weekends it gets PACKED, and if you haven’t researched what to do on the riverwalk or where to eat on the riverwalk, you might get sucked into a tourist trap. 

However, there are some absolutely lovely riverwalk hotels with breathtaking views. Read through this guide to find one that looks best to you. 

2. Hotel Emma at The Pearl

Easily the most sought after boutique hotel in the area, Hotel Emma is the ultimate destination for a romantic weekend in San Antonio. 

how to plan the perfect romantic weekend in San Antonio

It’s located at the historic Pearl district, home of the oldest brewery in Texas that opened back in 1883. Today, the area has been carefully restored into a 23-acre dining and shopping district. Hotel Emma is actually located inside the original 19th century brewhouse. 

If you want a relaxing San Antonio weekend where you can stay in one location and not drive around very much, Hotel Emma is probably your best option. There are dozens of fantastic places to eat and drink nearby, including a wine bar, a speakeasy jazz club, a James Beard Award-finalist restaurant, and plenty more. Here’s our guide to the best restaurants at The Pearl.  

3. A Hill Country Resort and Spa

The greater San Antonio area is home to several fantastic resorts and spas. If a big, fancy, Texas-sized resort sounds like fun to you, book a room at La Cantera Resort & Spa, the JW Marriott San Antonio Resort & Spa, or the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort & Spa

how to plan the perfect romantic weekend in San Antonio

All three of these options include multiple outdoor pools and hot tubs, private cabanas available for rentals, excellent dining options, and relaxing spas. 

Note that if you stay at one of these you might want to drive into San Antonio and visit one of these romantic San Antonio restaurants. As long as you’re here, you should experience the SA cuisine! But even if you choose to stay at the resort for your entire weekend, you would have an absolutely incredible romantic weekend getaway. 

Things To Do During Your Weekend Getaway in San Antonio

You probably don’t want your romantic weekend to get too  packed with schedules, agendas, and tourist destinations. If you just want to lounge by your hotel rooftop pool and drink margaritas, no one is judging! 

However, San Antonio is a very fun city and there’s a lot to experience here. Here are a few things you might want to add to your schedule: 

1. Reserve Seats at Jazz, TX

Jazz, TX is an underground speakeasy jazz club located in the Pearl district. It’s a phenomenal venue that’s definitely worth visiting during your romantic getaway in San Antonio. 

Walk-ins are allowed but this place usually sells out, so make your reservations in advance. They have a full menu, so you could absolutely eat dinner here! However, the Pearl District is full of so many fantastic restaurants, I recommend visiting a new (to you) restaurant and then enjoying a few cocktails during the jazz performance. 

2. Book a Massage at Mokara

There are plenty of excellent spas in San Antonio, but Mokara Spa is by far the best riverwalk spa in San Antonio. It’s located at the Mokara Hotel and Spa and it’s an Omni property. As the only Forbes 4-star hotel in San Antonio, you might want to go ahead and book an overnight stay here, too! 

But whether you stay overnight or not, a couples massage, body scrub, or facial would be an excellent addition to your weekend in San Antonio. 

3. Walk The Riverwalk

This is San Antonio, after all! You’ve got to visit the riverwalk at least once. I recommend doing this first thing in the morning before it gets too hot and crowded. Plus, parking near the riverwalk will be much easier if you go early in the day. There’s often some inexpensive street parking available on E Market Street near the River Walk Public Art Garden

Wake up, get some excellent coffee at one of these specialty coffee shops in San Antonio, and stroll by the water. 

how to plan the perfect romantic weekend in San Antonio

Reminder: the riverwalk is actually 15 miles long and divided into 3 sections.

Downtown Reach is the most touristy section. It’s the loop in downtown San Antonio. 

Museum Reach is lovely. It extends north of downtown and goes all the way to the Pearl District. You can walk this section for a morning workout and enjoy the public art displays. 

Mission Reach extends south, and it’s very long. This is where people often go hiking by the water or kayaking in the San Antonio river. 

4. Visit a San Antonio Craft Brewery

There are several fantastic craft breweries in San Antonio that have won World Beer Cup and Great American Beer Festival medals for their brews. Check out this map of some of the best craft breweries in San Antonio to find one near you during your weekend getaway. 

Gather Brewing in San Antonio

5. Stop By The McNay Art Museum

Are you and your significant other museum people? If so, the McNay Art Museum is STUNNING. It’s seriously so, so beautiful and absolutely worth a visit. 

The McNay is a 1929 historic mansion with a modern addition. Even before you get to the outstanding collection of art, the building itself is a beautiful place to visit. 

how to plan the perfect romantic weekend in San Antonio

But the art is pretty impressive, too. Works by Pablo Picasso, Georgia O’Keeffe, Paul Cézanne, and many others fill the building with 19th and 20th century European and American art. There’s also a modern wing.

6. Do a Wine Tasting at Re:Rooted Urban Winery

What’s an urban winery, you ask? Read all about it here! If you’re wine people, you must stop by Re:Rooted for a flight of their Texas wine. 

This gorgeous tasting room is located at Hemisfair.

how to plan the perfect romantic weekend in San Antonio

7. Eat at Fantastic Restaurants in San Antonio

As you’re planning this trip, be sure to read through some of the thorough articles on The San Antonio things to help you find the best restaurants for your romantic weekend. Here are a few guides to get you started: 

The All-Around Best Restaurants in San Antonio

Best Brunch in San Antonio

10 Most Romantic Restaurant in San Antonio

Beautiful Wine Bars in San Antonio

Coffee Shops in San Antonio

The Best San Antonio Breakfast Tacos

Those guides will get you started, but if you want a more curated list of the best places to eat in drink in San Antonio during a romantic weekend getaway, read on. 

how to plan the perfect romantic weekend in San Antonio

Where To Eat and Drink in San Antonio During Your Romantic Weekend Getaway

We’ll move chronologically through the day, starting with coffee and breakfast/brunch, moving toward lunch options, and then moving to dinner recommendations and drinks. I’ll include several recommendations for each one. 

Coffee Shops in San Antonio

how to plan the perfect romantic weekend in San Antonio

Local Coffee at The Pearl is adorable. It’s one of the first specialty coffee shops in San Antonio, and they are always on point (and have incredible pastries!). Any of the Merit Coffee shops in San Antonio are going to provide the best of the best coffee. They actually started under the same ownership as Local Coffee! Plus, their ambiance is always cozy and inviting. And Shotgun House Coffee House & Roastery is an awesome little shop that roasts their coffee in-house. It’s in a renovated warehouse and it’s a fun destination spot to visit if you’re a big coffee nerd. 

Breakfast and Brunch in San Antonio

how to plan the perfect romantic weekend in San Antonio

Ok, you really must start by looking at this map of the best brunch spots in San Antonio, because location matters. But if you’re just looking for ONE great brunch spot for your couples getaway, I would go to Cullum’s Attaboy. This place is on a lot of best restaurants in San Antonio lists and lives up to the hype! Plus, it’s open every morning for breakfast except Mondays and Tuesdays. If you’re staying at the Pearl, you have to get brunch at Cured. Of course, grabbing some phenomenal breakfast tacos is also a great way to start the day. Use this map to find some tried-and-trues near you. 

Lunch in San Antonio

Sometimes you don’t want a big, heavy lunch on vacation…especially if you just finished a hearty brunch and you’re heading to a dinner reservation in a few hours. So I recommend using lunchtime hours to visit a craft brewery, sample of flight of beer, and maybe order a few snacky things off the menu. Another option could be to check out some of these fun San Antonio food trucks for lunch. 

Romantic Dinners in San Antonio

how to plan the perfect romantic weekend in San Antonio

Ahh, here’s the fun part! Choosing your dinner destination in San Antonio can be a bit difficult, and that’s why we always include maps on our guides so you can start the process of elimination by location.

I highly recommend booking a dinner at either Bliss or Bar Loretta. They’re both fantastic, romantic options for craft cocktails, locally-sourced New American cuisine, and an all-around sexy vibe. Happy hour or dinner at Cured is a must. It’s one of the award-winningest restaurants in San Antonio. If you want a really unique dining experience, Mixtli is a pre-fixe tasting menu and a totally one-of-a-kind restaurant. And Allora wins for fantastic coastal dining (dine on the patio, if the weather is nice!). Or check out any of these romantic dining experiences in San Antonio. And for the new kids on the block, check out our guide to the best hot, new restaurants in SA. You’ll find plenty of fun options there.  

I hope that helps as you’re planning your romantic weekend in San Antonio. As always, the best way to figure out what’s right for YOU is to click around and read several recommendations, and then make your selection based on what you know you and your boo typically enjoy. Best of luck, and have fun in San Antonio!