35 Bachelor Party Ideas in San Antonio

When you’re looking for the best bachelor party cities in America, does San Antonio come to mind? It should! Here’s why: it’s centrally located in the country (guests from both east and west coast can get to Texas easily), it’s a LOT less expensive to visit than nearby Austin (which is also a great bachelor party city but it’s also a lot more crowded and $$$), and San Antonio is PACKED with things to do on your bachelor party. You could easily fill a day, a long weekend, or even a full week with soaking up the sun, visiting distilleries, biking the Alamo trail, craft brewery-hopping, eating Tex-Mex on the riverwalk, and tons of other bachelor party ideas in San Antonio. If you want one last hurrah as a single man before you tie the knot, a bachelor party in San Antonio is a great idea. 

San Antonio bachelor party ideas

San Antonio is in the southern part of Texas. It’s about a 90 minute drive from Austin, a 3 hour drive from Houston, and a 4 hour drive from Dallas. So it’s easily accessible for a road trip from most of the major cities in Texas.

Bachelor party ideas in San Antonio

And another great thing about San Antonio as a bachelor party city is its proximity to small, fun Texas towns. You’re 30 minutes away from New Braunfels, where you can spend the day floating the river with a cooler full of beer. Or you can easily book a party bus to drive you to Fredericksburg and visit all the distilleries in the Hill Country. You’re also just 30 minutes from Boerne, a charming small town where you can shop and drink on the Hill Country Mile. 

However you choose  to structure your bachelor party, you’re going to have a blast in the Alamo City. Here are 35 bachelor party ideas in San Antonio to get you started. 

Bachelor party ideas in San Antonio

35 Bachelor Party Ideas In San Antonio

1. Book A Hotel Near The Riverwalk

Book a hotel on the Riverwalk

If you want your bachelor party to be in the middle of all the activity and excitement, you need to stay on the Riverwalk. The Riverwalk is one of the top destinations in San Antonio with restaurants, shops, bars, boat rides, and miles of pathways surrounding the river. There are mariachi bands and other live music, outdoor patios overlooking the water, and tons of places to bar hop.

Honestly, there are a ton of hotels on the riverwalk, so do an online search to see what’s available, in your price range, and has the amenities that you want. Keep in mind that San Antonio is pretty warm year-round! (Although we definitely do get a winter here - check out this month-by-month guide to the San Antonio weather, written by a local who’s lived here for decades.) So you might want to make sure the hotel has an outdoor pool. 

2. Or Stay In Southtown/King William

If the tourism and crowds at the Riverwalk turn you off, the next best walkable spot in San Antonio is Southtown! Southtown is, unsurprisingly, just south of downtown. It’s an incredibly fun area full of historic homes in the King William architectural style, trendy bars, award-winning restaurants, boutique shops, and a brewery and restaurants at the Blue Star Arts Complex. 

The Riverwalk actually extends all the way to Southtown (and beyond! It’s pretty long) and you could walk from Southtown to the “main” touristy portion of the Riverwalk downtown in about 15 minutes. Or just book a quick rideshare. 

If you’re the type of bachelor who wants less of the tourism/party/wild type of weekend and a bit more chill/sophisticated, Southtown would be a great place to look for an Airbnb. 

3. Other Places To Stay In San Antonio

Other places to stay in San Antonio

Riverwalk and Southtown aside, San Antonio is a huge city and there are many, many places you could stay. If you’re mostly concerned about budget and booking a giant house for the entire bachelor party, you might want to look in other neighborhoods and then just get some rideshares to Southtown, the Riverwalk, or St Mary’s Strip when you’re ready to head into town. 

This guide about Where To Stay In San Antonio is very thorough. If you have any questions about where to stay during your bachelor party, you’ll probably get the answers here

4. Bike The Missions

Bike the San Antonio Missions

Everyone knows the Alamo, but there are actually FIVE missions in San Antonio. They’re beautiful, historic, and truly one of the best-preserved parts of Texas History. If you’re in San Antonio, you definitely need to check out at least of a couple of them. Obviously the Alamo is easy to see (it’s downtown and right by the Riverwalk), but it’s also the most touristy and crowded. 

If you want a really fun bachelor party idea in San Antonio, get bikes (or ebikes) for the whole group and bike the San Antonio Mission Trail. (All the details about biking the San Antonio Missions can be found here.) You can do the entire thing in about half a day and then hit up a San Antonio craft brewery for a few well-deserved pints. 

4. Float The River in New Braunfels

Float the river in New Braunfels

A river-floating trip is a MUST if you’re planning a bachelor party in San Antonio. You’re going to be about 30 minutes away from New Braunfels, which is basically the river floating capital of Texas. 

Ok, actually, New Braunfels is a historic German town. But the Comal River and the Guadalupe River flow through the town, so there are a lot of tubing companies here. You can float the Comal if you want a shorter ride (2-3 hours), or float the Guadalupe if you want an all-day ride (4-6 hours). 

And if you’re new to Texas and don’t know what it means to “float the river,” it’s pretty great. It’s basically just renting a sturdy inflatable tube (they typically have bottoms to them so you don’t need to worry about scraping on any rocks on the bottom of the river), bringing along some tunes (a waterproof speaker is a must!) and a floating cooler full of beer, and hanging out with friends for a few hours. 

The Guadalupe River water is nice and cold, so this is a very popular activity in the Texas summers. And it’s one of the top bachelor party ideas in San Antonio. It’s inexpensive, it’s fun, and it’s a great way to hang out with your friends all day. 

6. Walk The Riverwalk

Walk the Riverwalk

Whether you choose to book a hotel on the Riverwalk or not, you need to at least see it! The Riverwalk is synonymous with San Antonio’s culture. The Riverwalk is technically a long, 15-mile canal where the San Antonio River flows, but when people say “The Riverwalk” they’re talking about a loop in downtown San Antonio. It’s a must-do on your bachelor party trip. 

What can you do on the Riverwalk? Walk. Shop. Eat. Drink. There are a few really good restaurants on the Riverwalk, and then a lot of touristy places. Honestly, the Tex-Mex on the Riverwalk is overpriced and not the best in SA, but it’s still fun to get some fajitas and a pitcher of margaritas and eat it by the water. But if you’re into local cuisine and always love to scope out the best of the best restaurants in any city you visit, here are the best local places to eat on the riverwalk in San Antonio. 

And then, of course, you’ve got to book a boat ride on the Riverwalk! More on that below. 

WEBSITE | San Antonio, TX 78205

7. Book A GoRIO River Cruise

GoRIO River Cruise

GoRIO River Cruises is a very popular tourist attraction in San Antonio that take you on a scenic tour along the city's historic River Walk. The boats are located in the heart of downtown San Antonio, right on the Riverwalk. The boarding location is at the Shops at Rivercenter, which is easily accessible by foot, especially if you’re staying downtown. With its central location, the GoRIO River Cruise is an easy thing to add to your bachelor party itinerary in San Antonio!

It’s a great choice for a San Antonio bachelor party because it offers a unique and fun-filled way to see the Riverwalk, complete with music, drinks, and good times. The tour also offers breathtaking views of the city's iconic landmarks, including the Alamo, La Villita, and the Tower of the Americas, while providing a relaxing experience on the water.

The cost of the GoRIO River Cruise varies depending on the type of tour you choose, ranging from $8 to $95 per person. The different tour options include narrated cruises, river shuttles, and sip-and-cruise tours, so you can book the one that fits your budget and party the best.

8. Historic Market Square

Historic Market Square

Visit the largest Mexican market in Texas at the Historic Market Square in San Antonio! It’s an outdoor market that spans three city blocks and features hundreds of vendors. 

In addition to two famous Tex-Mex restaurants, there’s a food court that has tacos, pizza, coffee, and ice cream. The shopping is absolutely insane…they have everything here, from Mexican clothing to home goods, serving ware, and souvenirs. If you want to buy anything to bring home from San Antonio, this market is a good place to find it. 

Of course, you can easily just stop by, browse, and walk around for 30 minutes. This isn’t an activity that will take all day. But considering the market square is in downtown San Antonio and a quick walk from the Riverwalk, it’s definitely worth a stop if you have the time in your bachelor party weekend. 

WEBSITE | 514 W Commerce St, San Antonio, TX 78207

9. Natural Bridge Caverns

Natural Bridge Caverns

If you want a thrilling and unforgettable bachelor party idea, then visit Natural Bridge Caverns, a fascinating underground cave system located in the northern part of San Antonio, around 30 minutes from downtown. It’s situated off Natural Bridge Caverns Road, which is easily accessible by car. 

It’s the largest commercial cave system in Texas and offers a unique and very exciting experience for visitors. The caverns were formed over millions of years by the flow of water through the limestone rock, creating stunning formations, crystal-clear underground pools, and vast cavernous rooms.

The cave system offers various tours, including adventure tours that take visitors on a more challenging and exciting exploration of the caverns. It's a perfect opportunity for the groom and his friends to bond over a semi-adventurous experience.

The cost of Natural Bridge Caverns varies depending on the tour you choose, with prices ranging from $26 to $29 per person. The tours can include the Discovery Tour, Hidden Wonders Tour, Cavern Combo Tour, Adventure Tours, Private VIP Tours & Experiences, and Bracken Bat Flight Packages

WEBSITE | 26495 Natural Bridge Caverns Rd, San Antonio, TX 78266

10. Do a Craft Brewery Crawl

Craft Brewery Crawl

The craft brewery scene in San Antonio is absolutely exploding! From old-timers like Freetail Brewing and Alamo Beer Co to the new kids like Roadmap and Künstler, it’s easy to find a handful of breweries to visit during your bachelor party in San Antonio. Here’s a guide to all of the craft breweries in San Antonio. 

Alamo Beer Co. is known as the party spot. It’s a HUGE space with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, yard games, and a full food menu. You can get flights to sample a bunch of beer, or stop by for happy hour to enjoy a discounted pint. 

Roadmap Brewing Co. has quickly established itself as one of the top breweries in San Antonio by winning the World Beer Cup in 2022. It’s a fun, industrial spot to hang out, hit up the food truck, and enjoy a few pints. Plus, it’s near the convention center and pretty centrally located in SA. 

Weathered Souls is another one that should be on your radar. They got quite the international reputation in 2020 for creating the “Black is Beautiful” campaign. But beyond that, you really need to stop by the brewery, try some of their other beers, and eat the pub food. It’s a great spot. 

There are a lot of great breweries in San Antonio, and depending on your location in town, there’s probably one or two near you. Here’s a map of the best craft breweries in San Antonio so you can create your own brewery crawl for your San Antonio bachelor party. 

11. Check out the Historic Pearl District

Historic Pearl District

The Historic Pearl District is one of the most popular attractions in San Antonio, so you’ve most likely heard of it! It’s a vibrant and bustling district just north of downtown San Antonio. The Historic Pearl District is located where the old Pearl Brewery was originally built. Although that brewery is no longer functioning, you can still visit it (it’s now operating as a Southerleigh restaurant and brewery) as well as multiple boutique shops, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and more.

If you’re wondering where to eat at the Pearl, check out our guide!

12. Get A Steak at Bohanan’s

Be sure to make reservations for this upscale steak restaurant in San Antonio. The group’s going to love it! Located just off the riverwalk in downtown San Antonio, Bohanan’s is one of the most upscale steak restaurants in SA. We’re talking white tablecloths, old world wine list, and live jazz. This is where you’ll want to dress sharp, be ready to spend, and eat your heart out. 

Not every bachelor party wants an upscale dining experience. But if you do, and you want to know where to get the best steak in San Antonio, you can’t go wrong with Bohanan’s. 

WEBSITE | 219 E Houston St #275, San Antonio, TX 78205

13. Tower Of The Americas

Tower of the Americas

Tower of the Americas is that space needle thing you see in all the pictures of San Antonio. It’s a 750 ft tower in Hemisfair Park, and yes, you can take a ride to the top! 

It was built for the 1968 World’s Fair in Hemisfair Park, and it’s one of the top tourist attractions in San Antonio. Ride to the top for one of the best views of San Antonio. A ticket to the top includes access to the observation deck, and you can also purchase tickets to the 4D theater ride. 

If you want to get dressed up, there’s a restaurant at the top of the Tower of the Americas called Chart House. You can dine by a window and enjoy unobstructed views of SA while enjoying award-winning cuisine.

WEBSITE | 739 E César E. Chávez Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78205

14. Get a Puffy Taco at Henry’s Puffy Tacos

Puffy taco at Henry's Puffy Tacos

Ever heard of San Antonio puffy tacos? (Here’s everything you need to know about puffy tacos.) As long as you’re in SA, you 10/10 need to take the group to Henry’s Puffy Tacos, order a bunch of these deep-fried, delicious, beef-filled puffy corn tacos, add in a few pitchers of margaritas, and stuff your faces. 

Henry’s is named after Henry Lopez. He and his brother Ray (of Ray’s Drive Inn in San Antonio) created the puffy taco. One of them even trademarked it! So if you’re looking for the best puffy tacos in San Antonio (aka the world), you have to go to Henry’s Puffy Tacos. 

WEBSITE | 6030 Bandera Rd, San Antonio, TX 78238

15. Indoor Go-Kart at K1 speed

K1 Speed is a popular indoor go-karting center located in the northern part of San Antonio, around 20 minutes from downtown. It features state-of-the-art electric go-karts that can reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour on the indoor track. The facility provides a safe and thrilling environment for go-kart enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Nothing screams “bachelor party” like racing fast cars! This place provides an exciting and competitive experience that's perfect for a group of guys celebrating together. The indoor track is climate-controlled, so it can be enjoyed year-round, rain or shine, making it an ideal location for a party. From $26 to $66 per person you can avail of their go-karting packages, which differ from length of time and number of races.

WEBSITE | 6955 Northwest Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78238

16. Late Night Bar Crawl on St Mary’s Strip

Late night bar crawl on St Mary's Strip

Everyone in San Antonio knows that St Mary’s Strip is the place to go for a good late-night bar crawl. There are cocktail bars, nightclubs, wine bars, and excellent restaurants (you need to check out Curry Boys!). 

This is the premier entertainment district in San Antonio for a good night out. Basically, if you’re planning a bachelor party in San Antonio, you 100% need to have this on your agenda. 

WEBSITE | 2407 N. St. Mary's Street San Antonio, TX 78212

17. Six Flags Fiesta Texas

50 things to do in San Antonio

Six Flags Fiesta Texas is a HUGE amusement park located in San Antonio, Texas. If you love a thrill want to experience riding on some of the tallest roller coasters in Texas, consider spending a day at Six Flags.

Make your inner child happy and get lost in the magical world of amusement parks! If it’s been a hot minute since you’ve been to Six Flags, this would be a very memorable experience for your bachelor party in San Antonio. 

The cost of visiting Six Flags Fiesta Texas varies depending on the day and the type of ticket you purchase. Single-day tickets start at $39.99 per person, with discounts available for groups of 15 or more.

WEBSITE | San Antonio, TX 78257

18. Southtown Bar Hopping

Southtown Bar Hopping

Remember at the beginning of this article how we talked about Southtown being the slightly more chill/sophisticated alternative to the Riverwalk district? Yep. If you want excellent cocktail bars, incredible restaurants, and a densely packed neighborhood to hop from bar to bar, check out Southtown. 

A few bars that are worth visiting in Southtown: The Friendly Spot Ice House is a chill, outdoor, all-day spot where you can get a few beers or cocktails in the afternoon. Dos Sirenos Brewing is a great local craft brewery with indoor/outdoor seating. Bar Loretta is one of the most popular places to eat in San Antonio, and it’s been described as a bar that acts like a restaurant. Kunstler Brewing has incredible German beers and food. Bar 1919 is a speakeasy with over 400 spirits and it’s a must-visit. And Blue Star Brewing Co is one of the OG spots in SA (it’s been around since the 1990s) and it’s a great spot to grab a few pints.  

19. Paintballing at X-factor Paintball Park

X-factor Paintball Park is a premier paintball destination in San Antonio! It offers a variety of playing fields that can cater to all skill levels, ranging from beginner-friendly fields to more challenging ones for experienced players. 

The park provides top-of-the-line equipment, including paintball guns, masks, and protective gear, to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all players. If you prefer a fun and competitive environment for a bachelor party in San Antonio, book a few hours of paintballing at X-factor Paintball Park.

The cost of playing at X-factor Paintball Park varies depending on the package you choose, with prices ranging from $350 to $850 per group. Packages include equipment rental, paintballs, and field time.

WEBSITE | 18239 Bracken Dr, San Antonio, TX 78266

20. Spend The Day in New Braunfels

spend the day in New Braunfels

We’ve already talked about floating the river in New Braunfels. Seriously one of the best bachelor party ideas in San Antonio. 

However, if you’re planning a bachelor party in the winter, or you get hit with a bunch of Texas thunderstorms, an alternative is just to spend the day in New Braunfels! There are tons of things to do in this city, from Wurstfest in the fall to visiting local restaurants and breweries (Guadalupe Brewing Co has the best Detroit-style pizza), checking out some local German restaurants, and walking through the downtown area.

So if you’re planning a winter bachelor party and floating the river isn’t an option, keep in mind that New Braunfels can still be a fun spot to visit. 

21. Book A Food Tour With SA Food Tours

book a food tour with SA food tours

Want to avoid all the tourist trap restaurants? A customized food tour is a great way to spend the afternoon eating and drinking through San Antonio with your bachelor party bros. The folks at SA Food Tours know this city inside and out. 

San Antonio is quickly becoming quite the culinary destination in the United States, and there are a LOT of places you won’t want to miss. A tour with SA Food Tours includes 5 stops (about 3 hours of eating) at some of the top restaurants in San Antonio. 

Plan on wearing comfortable shoes and arriving HUNGRY. The tours are about $50 per person and happen on the weekends from 1-4 pm. They can host up to 12 people per tour, so you should be able to fit your entire bachelor party. Be sure to reserve your spots in advance. 

WEBSITE | 711 Navaro St. Suite #100, San Antonio, TX 78205

22. Dance at Industry night club

There aren’t a lot of places to go out and dance in San Antonio (Austin is honestly the better city for that), but there are a few! Industry Night Club is one of the hottest places to go out and dance, so if you’re looking for a fun night out with your bachelor party, this is the place.

23. Get Some Breakfast Tacos

Get some breakfast tacos

This is Texas, and you must eat some breakfast tacos. It doesn’t hurt that breakfast tacos and bloody marys are the world’s greatest hangover breakfast. If you’re wondering where to go in San Antonio for the best breakfast tacos, check out this guide. 

24. Sing At Dad’s Karaoke

Let’s be honest: karaoke is HILARIOUS, especially when you make the groom sing. Celebrate with your party friends while singing your hearts out in Dad's Karaoke, an upbeat karaoke bar in San Antonio, Texas. The bar features private karaoke rooms that can accommodate groups of various sizes, so you can enjoy the karaoke experience with all of the guys and no one else.

They have a large selection of karaoke songs, sound equipment, and a fun and lively atmosphere that's perfect for a bachelor party in San Antonio. The cost of renting a private karaoke room at Dad's Karaoke varies depending on the package chosen. 

WEBSITE | 2615 Mossrock, San Antonio, TX 78230

25. Axe Throwing at Class Axe Throwing

As the name suggests, Class Axe Throwing is a venue where visitors can try their hand at throwing axes at wooden targets in a safe and controlled environment. This activity could be a great choice for a bachelor party in San Antonio if you want fun, athletic challenges. You can form teams and make some group challenges, perfect for bonding and celebrating with friends.

The cost of axe throwing at Class Axe Throwing varies depending on the number of participants and the length of the session. They also offer some group packages and private party rentals, so it’s a perfect bachelor party idea in San Antonio.

WEBSITE | 1203 E Commerce St, San Antonio, TX 78205

26. Book A San Antonio Party Bus

You can book your own San Antonio party bus for your bachelor party. This company will pick you up at your desired location and drive you around town to any nightclubs, restaurants, and bars you want to visit. They can even do multiple pick-up locations if your guys are staying in various hotels. 

It’s your last hurrah, so go all out, right? If you’re looking for a splurge-worthy bachelor party idea in San Antonio, a party bus might be the right thing for you. 

27. Eat BBQ In San Antonio

Eat BBQ in San Antonio

San Antonio has been called one of the best bbq cities in the country. And even if you’re just looking at Texas barbecue, San Antonio has a high number of restaurants that are recognized every year on Texas Monthly’s 50 Best BBQ list. The brisket in this town is goooood. 

After floating the river, brewery-hopping, or walking around the riverwalk, plan a big ‘ol BBQ lunch at one of these top bbq spots in San Antonio. There are several really good, nationally-recognized bbq joints in SA, so you’ll probably have to narrow down your choices. 

But read through this list of the best BBQ in San Antonio to get a good idea of what you’re looking for in regards to locations, meat, sides, ambiance, etc. 

And then get prepared for the meat sweats. 

28. Check Out Some Distilleries

Check out some distilleries

San Antonio and the surrounding areas have a strong whiskey scene. There’s Garrison Brothers, located in Hye Texas, Balcones Distilling, a very famous one located up the road in Waco Texas, Rebecca Creek Distillery, a nearby option that’s just about 30 minutes from downtown San Antonio, and Devil’s River Distillery, which is just a 4-minute walk from the Alamo. 

You’ve also got Maverick Whiskey, a cool spot that’s inside a historic bank building in downtown San Antonio, and Ranger Creek Brewing and Distilling, an excellent option if you want to check out a distillery and a brewery on the same trip. 

You can find tour companies that will drive you around to a few distilleries out in the hill country, or you can just walk to local ones in downtown San Antonio, or you can book a rideshare to a few on the outskirts of town. The main point of this is to say there are LOTS of excellent distilleries in and around San Antonio, and a visit to one (or a few!) makes a great bachelor party activity. 

29. Drink An Old Fashioned at Hotel Emma

Get an old fashioned at hotel Emma

One of the best cocktail bars in San Antonio is located at the Hotel Emma. It’s a bar called Sternewirthe. Not only do they have an excellent old-fashioned on the menu (along with other cocktails, spirits, and wine), but Sternewirthe is a beautiful place to stop by, relax for a bit, and enjoy the ambiance. 

The bar is named for the Sternewirthe Privilege, a rule that allowed brewery workouts in the 19th century to enjoy a free beer on the days they worked. Good idea, right? 

Get an old fashioned at Hotel Emma

Sternewirth hugs the line between intimate and grand. It has 25-foot ceilings and a long, luxurious bar, but there are small, intimate seating arrangements with brown leather couches and comfortable chairs. It’s a great spot for a group (make a reservation!) and a must-try place in the historic Pearl district. 

WEBSITE | 136 E Grayson St, San Antonio, TX 78215

30. Drive-in Tacos at Ray’s Drive Inn

Ray's Drive Inn

It’s hard to find an authentic drive-in restaurant in present-day America. But in San Antonio, there’s a small spot that’s been around since the 1950s, and it’s still frequented by regulars: Ray’s Drive Inn. 

You might remember seeing Henry’s Puffy Tacos on this list just a moment ago. Well, Ray was Henry’s brother, and they invented the puffy taco. So either restaurant is a great place to go for some of the best puffy tacos in San Antonio. 

Drive up to Ray’s, call in, and a carhop will be out shortly with your order. In addition to puffy tacos they have all the classic diner and Tex-Mex food, you’d expect: wings, onion rings, enchilada plates, burgers and fries, nachos, buffalo chicken strips, fajitas, and more. 

A visit to Ray’s Drive Inn is a very authentic San Antonio experience. If you’re looking for a memorable bachelor party idea in San Antonio that’s a bit out of the ordinary, I definitely recommend grabbing a meal at Ray’s. 

WEBSITE | 822 SW 19th St, San Antonio, TX 78207

31. Hill Country Wine Tour

Hill Country Wine Tour

San Antonio is close to the hill country, which means breweries, distilleries, and…wineries! SA Detours has a good hill country wine tour that you can book through their website. The Texas Hill Country has a ton of great wineries, so you could easily find a few that you might want to visit on your own. 

But if you don’t want to mess with driving/transportation/reservations, just book this tour and they’ll take care of it all for you. 

32. Go To Paramour For Cocktails At Sunset

Another must-visit destination for anyone seeking an unforgettable bachelor idea: get drinks on the rooftop bar at Paramour. It’s a trendy rooftop bar located in the heart of San Antonio. Known for its stunning views of the city skyline and its colorful atmosphere, Paramour offers visitors a sophisticated and memorable experience.

The bar serves a wide variety of specialty cocktails, beer, and wine, as well as delicious small plates and desserts. The cost of drinks and food at Paramour varies, with prices ranging from around $8 to $15 for cocktails (by the glass) and $8 to $18 for small plates. The bar also offers bottle service and private event rentals for those seeking a more exclusive experience like bachelor parties.

WEBSITE | 102 9th St Floor 4, San Antonio, TX 78215

33. Book A Fredericksburg Day Trip with SA Detour

Wine tasting tour to Fredericksburg

San Antonio Detour is a tour company in San Antonio that offers some really cool, customized tours of the city and its surrounding areas. Their Fredericksburg day trip is an excellent option for a San Antonio bachelor party looking to explore the beautiful Texas Hill Country and indulge in some wine tasting…while not having to worry about transportation!

SA Detour's Fredericksburg day trip includes a 7-8 hour relaxing road trip to and from San Antonio, a visit to three wineries with tastings, a stop for lunch, and plenty of opportunities to take in the stunning scenery of the Hill Country. The tour is fully customizable, and SA Detour can work with the bachelor party to tailor the experience to their specific interests and preferences.

The cost of the Fredericksburg day trip varies depending on the size of the group and the specific itinerary. SA Detour offers competitive pricing and can provide a quote upon request.

34. Recharge At One Of These Coffee Shops

Recharge at a coffee shop

After a few nights out at nightclubs and bars you’re going to need to recharge…so keep this map of the best San Antonio coffee shops handy. You can insert your location to find the coffee shop near you. 

Sure, you can always find a generic chain coffee shop if you have to…but if you’re in a new city, it’s way more fun to visit a craft coffee shop. There are places that roast onsite, where you can literally see the coffee beans being prepared right in front of you. Visiting these specialty coffee shops in SA is a great way to get a feel of the coffee culture of the city. 

35. Hang Out By Your Hotel Pool

Hang out by your hotel pool

After all that drinking and dancing, hanging out by a hotel pool can be a great way to relax and unwind during a San Antonio bachelor party. It offers a chance to soak up the sun, enjoy refreshing drinks, and spend quality time with friends in a private and luxurious setting.

Lots of hotels in San Antonio have exceptional pool areas (remember? San Antonio is HOT and SUNNY!), complete with cabanas, loungers, and poolside bars. Some hotels even offer poolside dining with servers bringing food straight to your lounge chair or cabana. 

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