10 Best Restaurants Near The Alamo in Downtown San Antonio

It’s hard to visit San Antonio and NOT go to the Alamo. Even if you don’t plan a distinct trip there, it’s in the middle of downtown and near the Riverwalk, so you’ll most likely walk by it at least once. And if you ARE planning a trip to the Alamo with the intention of walking around for a while, you’ll need a delicious meal before or after your tour. Here are some of my personal favorite options for best restaurants near the Alamo. 


Now, keep in mind that the Alamo is only one of the 5 San Antonio Missions. (Wondering which San Antonio mission is best for kids? The answer might surprise you.) You can actually visit all 5 missions in one day if you’d like! There’s a bike trail that connects them all. Or you can, of course, drive to visit all 5 missions. 

But The Alamo is definitely the most popular and most visited Mission in San Antonio. And there just so happens to be some great food near the Alamo! From world-class barbecue to a fun local craft brewery, excellent breakfast tacos, and a few fun Tex-Mex spots on the riverwalk, here’s our guide to the best restaurants near the Alamo. 

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10 Best Restaurants Near The Alamo

1. Pinkertons

A plate of BBQ at Pinkerton's in San Antonio

Distance from the Alamo: 0.7 miles (3 minute drive, 11 minute walk)

Grant Pinkerton's second location in San Antonio is a must-visit for BBQ enthusiasts. Just like its original branch in Houston, this place serves up mouthwatering, slow-smoked barbeque that makes it the best dining spot in San Antonio. 

Located in downtown San Antonio, the farmhouse-style building exudes a comforting country atmosphere, complete with Texas country music and a welcoming bar. They also have an outdoor porch that provides a picturesque view of Legacy Park, where you can chill while the kids play nearby. 

Now let's look at some of the best food in Pinkertons so you can see why it’s one of the best restaurants near the Alamo, starting with their peppery brisket: It is SO incredibly flavorful that you won't even need sauce (but their homemade barbecue sauce is definitely an addition worth trying.) The glazed pork ribs coated with a mildly sweet and shimmery glaze will also make your tummy so happy. While their barbecue sides are traditional, they are made to perfection. Try the extra crunchy and sweet slaw and the tangy, yellow mustardy potato salad.

Pinkerton's offers the best of both worlds: exceptional local barbecue in a cozy setting paired with the best food!  

WEBSITE | 107 W Houston St, San Antonio, TX 78205

2. Pete’s Tako House

10 Best Restaurants Near The Alamo: Local Favorites

Distance from the Alamo: 0.6 miles, 3-minute drive, 11-minute walk

With a legacy that dates back to 1978, Pete's is an unmissable gem when it comes to the best food near the Alamo in San Antonio. You might have seen this place on our list of the best breakfast tacos in San Antonio! If you’re looking for a place to grab some breakfast before heading to the Alamo with your group, Pete’s Tako House is very close to the Alamo and an exceptional breakfast taco spot in SA.

As a family-owned and operated establishment, they have been delighting taste buds with their authentic Tex-Mex cuisine for over three decades. Initially located on Main Ave., Pete's relocated to its current location in 2011 to accommodate its ever-growing base of loyal fans. 

Their extensive menu caters to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, offering a wide range of delectable options. 

While the breakfast taco selection may seem familiar, Pete's elevates them to new heights with their flawless execution. Discover the taste that has captivated diners for generations at Pete's, where tradition and flavor intertwine seamlessly.

WEBSITE | 502 Brooklyn Ave, San Antonio, TX 78215

3. Domingo

tacos at Domingo restaurant on the riverwalk

Distance from the Alamo: 0.4 miles, 3 minute drive, 8 minute walk

For an unforgettable dining experience near the Alamo, you can head to one of the restaurants on the iconic Riverwalk in San Antonio. Domingo is one of my personal favorites for Mexican food on the Riverwalk.

Situated in the heart of the bustling main section, this modern terrace restaurant offers a prime location to savor delicious Mexican cuisine while watching the river barges glide by. Nestled within the Canopy Hotel by Hilton, Domingo manages to exude a vibrant and non-corporate ambiance.

Their menu showcases Mexican dishes infused with a distinctive Texas flair. Kick off your meal with one of their enticing signature cocktails, such as the Oaxaca Colada featuring Banhez mezcal, coconut cream, and banana liqueur, or indulge in a refreshing passion fruit margarita. The guacamole, featuring charred serrano chili, pairs perfectly with their skillet cornbread topped with honey butter, offering a unique Texan twist to traditional Mexican fare. The tacos are an absolute knockout, served on soft, freshly made corn tortillas.

Whether you visit Domingo for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you'll be treated to a stunning setting on the Riverwalk.  But keep in mind that, most waterfront establishments in San Antonio may have higher prices reflecting the prime location and vibrant atmosphere.

Domingo is the perfect spot for a San Antonio lunch after spending the morning at the Alamo. From there, you can walk around the Riverwalk or head off to do one of these 50 things to do in San Antonio (that aren’t the Alamo.)

WEBSITE | 123 N St Mary's St, San Antonio, TX 78205

4. Box St All Day

10 Best Restaurants Near The Alamo: Local Favorites

Distance from the Alamo: 0.5 miles, 3-minute drive, 9-minute walk

If you're seeking a brunch spot that delivers both incredible food and a vibrant ambiance, you definitely need to try visiting Box Street All Day. Originally a beloved food truck and catering company, Box Street Social found a permanent home in Hemisfair in early 2022, rebranding as Box Street All Day to reflect their new all-day brunch menu.

With its picturesque views of the park and the iconic Tower of the Americas, Box Street All Day offers the perfect setting for leisurely outdoor brunches. And since this brunch restaurant is near the Alamo, it’s an easy choice for a meal before or after your visit. 

The establishment prides itself on its meticulously designed both indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a captivating atmosphere that can only be described as "pretty in pink." The rose gold utensils and the pink-striped umbrellas on the outdoor patio provide a perfect balance between aesthetic charm and delectable brunch fare.

When it comes to food highlights, you must try their Box Street Brekky for breakfast. For those who love sweets, indulge in the tantalizing Milk Bread French Toast or savor the specialty donuts. Complement your chosen dish with the visually stunning and refreshingly delightful Hibiscus Sparkler.

WEBSITE | 623 Hemisfair Blvd Ste 108, San Antonio, TX 78205

5. Dough Pizzeria

Dough Pizzeria

Distance from the Alamo: 0.5 miles, 3 minute drive, 10 minute walk

Dough Pizzeria, a beloved neighborhood eatery in San Antonio, has gained significant recognition with three appearances on Food Network (in 2011, 2018, and 2021). With two locations, the newer Hemisfair venue exudes undeniable charm, but both establishments serve the same remarkable small pies. However, the Hemisfair location is a quick 10 minute walk from the Alamo, and nothing tastes as good as those pizzas after spending all afternoon walking around in a crowd. 

Dough is known for serving authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas, but they also focus on offering southern Italian cuisine and have an array of Italian wines. 

The house-made burrata is absolutely a must-try on their menu, particularly the Burrata Al Tartufo, a luscious combination of truffle, mascarpone, ricotta, fresh local tomatoes, and a sweet rosemary balsamic reduction, accompanied by toasty crostini. 

While the menu clearly marks the items featured on Food Network, don't overlook the classic Margherita, which embodies Dough's true brilliance. Appreciate the harmonious blend of a salty crust with a chewy interior and crispy outer shell, the velvety mozzarella di bufala, and the fragrant local basil from Lone Star Farm.

WEBSITE | 518 S Alamo St, San Antonio, TX 78205

6. Schilo’s

10 Best Restaurants Near The Alamo: Local Favorites

Distance from the Alamo: 0.2 miles, 2 minute drive, 5 minute walk

If you want to eat your lunch at an iconic San Antonio restaurant near the Riverwalk, then Schilo's is the best spot for you. Schilo's is one of the city's oldest restaurants in San Antonio. This charming historic deli is in downtown San Antonio, nestled in a quaint shop just above the lively Riverwalk. 

Since 1917, Schilo's has been delighting patrons with its German-Texan cuisine, making it a true culinary icon. Their homemade root beer, served in frosty mugs, has become a legendary favorite. Whether you're in the mood for a quick breakfast indulgence like potato pancakes or pioneer biscuits, or a laid-back lunch featuring classic sandwiches, burgers, or schnitzels, Schilo's has you covered.

Schilo's holds a special place in San Antonio's culinary landscape. With its rich history, delectable offerings, and welcoming atmosphere it has become a beloved establishment for locals and visitors alike.

It’s one of my personal favorite places to grab food near the Alamo because I love those classic San Antonio restaurants. Plus, Schilo’s is very kid-friendly, so the whole family can enjoy eating here after visiting the Alamo.

WEBSITE | 424 E Commerce St, San Antonio, TX 78205

7. Casa Rio

Casa Rio

Distance from the Alamo: 0.2 miles, 2-minute drive, 4-minute walk

Casa Rio, located in the heart of San Antonio, is a must-visit gem that offers a delightful combination of rich history, inviting ambiance, and classic Tex-Mex cuisine. Established in 1946, it holds the distinction of being the oldest restaurant on the San Antonio Riverwalk, drawing locals and tourists alike.

You’ve likely seen photos of this restaurant on San Antonio advertisements. (It’s the restaurant on the Riverwalk with all the colorful umbrellas). The restaurant's ambiance is a true reflection of San Antonio's vibrant spirit. 

Its sprawling riverside patio offers a picturesque setting, where guests can enjoy their meals while immersing themselves in the lively atmosphere of the riverwalk. The traditional Mexican-inspired decor, coupled with the gentle sound of the flowing river, creates a lovely dining experience.

Casa Rio is renowned for its Tex-Mex fare. From Botanas Platter to flavorful enchiladas and tacos, their menu is a celebration of bold flavors and fresh ingredients. Don't miss their famous deluxe dinner which is the number 1 seller since 1968.

I always like to remind people that the Riverwalk is a major tourist attraction and money-maker for the city of San Antonio. Most of the restaurants on the Riverwalk are slightly overpriced, and the quality of the food doesn’t match what’s available in the rest of the city. (That’s why I wrote this guide to the few truly excellent restaurants on the San Antonio Riverwalk). 

And while I can’t say that Casa Rio has the best Tex-Mex in San Antonio, it is a classic establishment that’s very fun to visit. And it’s incredibly close to the mission, making it a great place to grab food near the Alamo. 

WEBSITE | 430 E Commerce St, San Antonio, TX 78205

8. Ácenar

Acenar restaurant margarita

Distance from the Alamo: 0.3 miles, 2-minute drive, 7-minute walk

Ácenar, a contemporary Mexican restaurant, offers a stunning dining experience with its breathtaking river views. While it's true that the prices can be a bit higher, which is common for Riverwalk restaurants, the restaurant compensates with friendly service and an extensive menu of elevated Mexican dishes.

One of the highlights at Ácenar is their impressive selection of margaritas, featuring premium tequilas that add a touch of sophistication to this classic cocktail. Their enchiladas y mole are a delicious interpretation of the traditional dish, and the seafood tacos never fail to satisfy.

With a balcony overlooking the riverwalk from the second story, diners can relish in the sights without the hustle and bustle of pedestrians passing inches from their table. It's a serene and picturesque setting that will surely enhance your overall dining experience.

WEBSITE | 146 E Houston St, San Antonio, TX 78205

9. Boudro’s Bistro

Boudro's Bistro

Distance from the Alamo: 0.2 miles, 2-minute drive, 5-minute walk

When exploring the best dining options near the Alamo, you can’t forget about Boudro's! Its warm and inviting interior creates a very cozy atmosphere, perfect for those chilly fall and winter days in San Antonio. And the outdoor patio is a popular choice during the vibrant spring and summer months.

And while it may not exude the typical festive atmosphere often associated with Riverwalk restaurants, Boudro's remains a solid choice for a lunch date, particularly during the colder months of the year.  

Specializing in New American cuisine, Boudro's offers a delectable selection of dishes such as blackened gulf fish, beef tenderloin, and flavorful salads. Don't miss the opportunity to order their prickly pear margaritas, followed by their renowned tableside guacamole—prepared fresh right by your table, ensuring the absolute freshest flavors in the city.

Rule of thumb, always, alwaaays, leave room for dessert, especially here in Boudro's as they offer an array of delightful options. But the double chocolate brownie with Azteca and toffee crunch is a must-try. It will definitely give you a decadent ending to your post-Alamo meal.

WEBSITE | On The Riverwalk Level, 421 E Commerce St, San Antonio, TX 78205

10. Roadmap Brewing Co

roadmap brewing in san antonio

Distance from the Alamo: 0.5 miles, 2-minute drive, 10-minute walk

If you’re looking for a greater brewery near the Alamo, Roadmap is a quick 10-minute walk away. Roadmap Brewing has made a name for itself in the vibrant San Antonio beer scene by offering a delightful combination of a fun brewery atmosphere in an industrial-style space, paired with award-winning beers. 

Their place is suitable for the whole family and you can even bring your furry friends along, as long as they are kept on a leash. As a BYO food establishment, you have the freedom to order from Uber Eats and have your favorite dishes delivered directly to the taproom. Or you may try the food from their on-site food truck.

When it comes to beer recommendations, make sure to try their notable beer, the Mini Van Dad, a robust double IPA with an impressive 7.9% ABV that promises a satisfying drinking experience. And if it's on tap when you visit, the Late Night Polka Party 5.6% Dunkel won them a bronze medal at the World Beer Cup (aka the Olympics of craft beer.) 

Roadmap Brewing is an excellent brewery near the Alamo for beer enthusiasts who want a fun setting, a diverse beer menu, and the chance to explore new flavors and styles. With its award-winning brews and inviting atmosphere, it's a spot not to be missed in San Antonio.

WEBSITE | 723 N Alamo St, San Antonio, TX 78215

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