A Look At San Antonio’s Largest Playground: Pearsall Park

I’m constantly on the lookout for fun playgrounds. As a mom of two little ones, playgrounds are where we spend most of our time! San Antonio has a ton of great parks and playgrounds and fun things to do with kids, but when I found out about Pearsall Park, I knew I had to get my kids here to play ASAP! 

Pearsall Park San Antonio

It was built in 2016 and has been a popular spot for families ever since then. The city of San Antonio purchased some land so they could expand this park into the MASSIVE thing that it is now. Pearsall Park has a little bit of everything: playgrounds, splash pads, a fitness area, a pavilion, a couple dog parks, a walking trail, and more. 

Pearsall Park San Antonio

5 Cool Facts About Pearsall Park

1. It’s 505 Acres!

Pearsall Park San Antonio

This is the largest park in San Antonio. Granted, it’s not centrally located like Brackenridge (349 acres) or Hemisfair (96 acres), so you’ll have to drive pretty far south in San Antonio to get to it. But I actually kind of love making a day of going there. It’s far enough away from the center of the city that my kids view it as “an adventure” to drive to it, pack a picnic, bring swimsuits/towels for the splash pad, etc. 

Pearsall Park San Antonio

Another upside is that it’s easy to find parking, and unless you’re there on a Saturday morning or when a school bus full of kids on a field trip stops by, it’s typically not completely packed. 

There’s so much space to spread out, run, play, bike, skate, splash, and just hang out at this EPIC San Antonio playground. 

Pearsall Park San Antonio

Here’s a rundown of what’s offered at Pearsall Park

  • The largest playground in San Antonio
  • Two splash pads
  • Two playgrounds
  • Two dog parks
  • 215 parking spaces
  • The largest skate park in the city
  • An events pavilion
  • 20 picnic tables
  • A fitness area
  • An event stage
  • Restrooms
  • A 5k running/walking trail
  • A forty-yard sprint timer (this is the first one in the United States at a public park!)
  • Zip Line

There is clearly plenty to do here for all ages. 

2. They Have TWO Separate Dog Parks

Pearsall Park dog park

There’s a dog park for big dogs, and a separate dog park for little dogs. As any dog owner can attest, finding a safe space for your dog to play can be really tricky. And Pearsall Park makes sure that the big dogs won’t bother the little dogs, and vice versa. 

Pearsall Park dog park

3. Environmental Sustainability Is A Big Part Of Pearsall

Pearsall Park San Antonio

This is a very fun fact, in my opinion: San Antonio built this epic park with the least amount of negative environmental impact possible. Here are a few things they prioritized: 

- They landscaped the area with native plants. Plants that are native to San Antonio have evolved to survive on very little water (since San Antonio doesn’t get a ton of rain), which means less water usage at Pearsall Park. 

- San Antonio was able to reuse two recycled arbors from the Convention Center demo and bring them to Pearsall Park.

- The mulch and soil are made from recycled wood and brush from the building process

- The rubber floor surface at the playground is made from 100% recycled rubber

Good job, San Antonio. 

4. The Playground And Slides Are Actually INSANE

Pearsall Park San Antonio

Y’all, this playground is so much fun. The slides are HUGE! The playground is inclusive of all abilities (look at those ramps!). The climbing structure is super high and kids of all ages love it.

Pearsall Park San Antonio

I appreciate that there are multiple climbing structures so that big kids and little kids can have an age-appropriate place to play. Because we all know that watching a 12-month-old climb 30 feet in the air isn’t fun for anyone. 

Pearsall Park San Antonio

5. The 18-Hole Disc Golf Course Was Designed By A Pro Disc Golfer

Pearsall Park San Antonio

Pearsall Park is a popular spot for San Antonio disc golfers to meet up for a game. The 18-hole disc golf course was designed by professional disc golfer Paul Taylor. 

If you’re looking for the top disc golf courses in San Antonio, Pearsall Park constantly ranks as one of the very best. 

Pearsall Park San Antonio

Pearsall Park is clearly a gem in the San Antonio playground and park scene. But there are a lot of other fun places to bring your kids in SA, too! 

Pearsall Park San Antonio

Check out this guide to the best playgrounds in San Antonio, a round up of fun kid-friendly things to do in San Antonio, and some of the best pizza restaurants in SA. Cheers!

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