Explore Legoland San Antonio: The Perfect Family Destination

LEGOLAND San Antonio: if you've stepped foot in downtown San Antonio or wandered around the Riverwalk, you've heard of it. It's one of the best-advertised attractions in downtown SA. It's a giant indoor play place centered around legos. There are 10 play zones, 2 rides, a 4D cinema, and a MINILAND San Antonio.

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Since this is an indoor activity for kids in San Antonio and it gets really hot in these Texas summers, LEGOLAND Discovery Center is a very popular around here...but it also comes with a price tag. Are you wondering if Legoland Discovery Center San Antonio is worth the cost?

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I've got some insider tidbits to share with you, as well as a general LEGOLAND San Antonio review. I promise to share all my honest thoughts about which tickets to purchase, if the rides are worth it, and how to get the most out of LEGOLAND San Antonio. 

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Located in the heart of downtown San Antonio, LEGOLAND is the ultimate indoor lego playground with locations around the world! We're fortunate to have one right here in San Antonio inside the shops Rivercenter, near the Alamo.

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LEGOLAND is a great option if you're looking for a fun, indoor, kid-friendly thing to do in the heart of San Antonio.

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It's worth noting that adults can't go to LEGOLAND without accompanying a child. This sometimes comes as a shock to adult lego nerds who would love to visit a park entirely devoted to legos! But I think LEGOLAND does this to make sure it's not crowded with a bunch of adults when they really want to cater the experience toward kids.  

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How To Get The Most Out Of LEGOLAND

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Things To Do At LEGOLAND

Once you show your tickets to the front desk, you’ll be admitted access to the entire LEGOLAND experience. YOu can freely roam around and spend time wherever you want. Note that some of the experiences (like the VR ride) cost extra. 


MINILAND is one of the coolest parts for adults! It's a replica of San Antonio...made entirely from legos! You can see the Tower of the Americas, the historic Alamo, and even a bunch of mini figurines hiding throughout the city. 


They used tens of thousands of legos to make it look realistic, and they even have professional lighting and bright flags for Fiesta on display. 

4D Lego Movies

Lego Cinema shows a few different films throughout the day. Each lego movie is 20-30 minutes and features your favorite characters from different lego sets, so even the youngest visitors can sit still and enjoy them! 

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Rides! There are two rides that are included with your LEGOLAND ticket 

VR Experience is a new adventure in San Antonio! Note that it's not included with your ticket, so you'll have to purchase it online or at the admission desk. Riders must be 40 inches or taller. 

Lego City Play Zone

LEGO City Play Zone is really the heart and soul of the entire LEGOLAND, especially for the youngest visitors! They have slides, a jungle gym, a climbing wall, and (of course) plenty of lego bricks for lego building. 

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This is where you can let your child's creativity go wild with the lego racers build test track, duplo village for the little ones, and plenty of space to play. The lego play zones have millions of lego bricks, so there's plenty of toys for everyone to play with. 

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Single Tickets VS Combo Tickets

First off, when you go online to purchase your tickets, you'll be pressured into buying a combo ticket which gets you admission to Sea Life San Antonio + LEGOLAND. 

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I personally think they can be two separate experiences on different days. But that's also coming from a mom who's looking for fun things to do with my kids (the days are long!) and I like to space out activities. 

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If you're a tourist and you want to pack it all in, and you're staying near the San Antonio river walk, a combo ticket could be worth it for you. An admission ticket for JUST LEGOLAND is significantly cheaper than getting the combo ticket, so it's really just deciding how much you want to pack into a day. 

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And then, of course, they'll try to upsell you by having you purchase tickets that include photos and prizes to bring home. Of course, get those if it sounds fun! But keep in mind that you can also just purchase those things later (for extra fees, of course) if you want. 

LEGOLAND Can Get Crowded With School Groups

When you purchase your ticket, you'll have to select an entry time. I selected the earliest entry time of the day, and for the first two hours it was PACKED with 5th graders. Once their visit was over, it was pretty clear and calm there. 

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So keep in mind that the school groups can make it quite crowded. It's tough to say when they'll visit, but it's likely that there will be a large school group on any day of the week.

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Your best bet for avoiding the large school groups is to visit during the lunch hours (because most schools won't have the kids there during lunch...they'll bring the kids back at that time so they can eat!) or in the later afternoon hours when the school day is over.

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However, I just think this is something to keep in mind. LEGOLAND is an awesome place for kids to enjoy, and it's going to typically be full of kids! Don't expect it to be empty. Crowds are normal here. 

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What Age Is LEGOLAND San Antonio For?

They'll tell you it's for ages 3-10. I honestly think it's best for younger kids around 7 or 8 and younger.

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Children 3+ require a ticket, and babies 2 & under are free. And while you are allowed to bring a stroller inside, I wouldn't recommend bringing a very young baby unless you have to. LEGOLAND isn't designed for babies, and I've found that my 3 year old enjoys it much more than the 1 year old baby. 

Rides At LEGOLAND San Antonio

Merlin's Apprentice

Merlin's Apprentice is a bit of a faster-paced ride where you get in a lego racing car and have to pedal the enchanted cart as fast as you can to call forth the sorcerer's spell. (Again...great for ages 4-7, but my 3-year-old just wasn't interested.) 

There's also a virtual reality ride that you can add on to your ticket, if you're interested. 

How Long Does It Take To Go Through LEGOLAND San Antonio?

2-3 hours is going to be plenty of time. There's a lot to see! But you probably won't need more than a half day. 

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A typical visit is 2 hours. I think the quickest time you'd want to go through is about 1.5 hours, but that would be pretty fast. 

Where To Park For LEGOLAND San Antonio?

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Public parking is very cheap for LEGOLAND guests! If you park at either of the parking garages that are attached to the shops at Rivercenter (the Crockett Street garage or the Commerce Street garage), parking is just $3. Just be sure to bring your actual paper parking ticket to the front desk so they can validate it for you. 

LEGOLAND San Antonio Recap: Is It Worth The Cost?

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YES! My little one loves it, and I happen to think it's a fantastic indoor option on a rainy day or a very hot day. I wouldn't recommend getting the combo ticket (unless you're visiting the city and want to pack it all in) and I would recommend about 2-3 hours at LEGOLAND to get your money's worth. 

WEBSITE | 849 E Commerce St Suite 910, San Antonio, TX 78205

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